A New Solution for Optimal Crown Repairs in Agricultural Tyres

Monaflex has brought value driving innovations to the tyre repair industry for decades. The new AG Lug Heat Pad series, delivers a brand-new solution for agricultural tyre repair and has been developed in response to field observations and customer feedback.

Why is it needed?

Most crown injuries in agricultural tyres occur in the tread void area. Lower rubber mass and increased susceptibility to foreign object penetrations (I.e., stakes and rock) combine here to produce an area of vulnerability.

Traditionally, when performing a vulcanised repair in the crown, the outside Heat Pad sits on the tread, with pressure exerted from above. This set up is mirrored inside the tyre to provide simultaneous internal and external heat and pressure and a quick, even cure.

Due to the depth of the tyre lugs, the tread void will need to be evenly packed out to avoid heat pad distortion. This is time consuming and distances external heat from the repair.

What’s new?

Used alongside the Monaflex AGRI Tyre Repair System, the new Monaflex AG Lug Heat Pad replaces the standard external Heat Pad. It has a unique shape and is designed to fit precisely into the tread void. This simple change provides multiple advantages over traditional sizes.

  • Direct application of heat on the repair.
  • Faster installation time.
  • The Heat Pads aren’t distorted under pressure and therefore last longer.
  • The small size results in a lower price.

.So faster, better and cheaper crown repairs!

Who is it for?

The AG series is available in three specific sizes covering a range of R1 and R1-W tyre sizes used in various applications – tractors, harvesters and implements. The AG series are also suitable for the repair of forestry tyres.

Monaflex utilises more than 60 years’ industry experience to deliver world-leading tyre repair solutions. Monaflex vulcanising systems are lightweight, portable, cost effective and produce perfect, distortion free repairs every time. You can find out more by visiting monaflex.com or contacting us on info@monaflex.com.