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A Double Celebration for Point S

Point S Tyre & Autocare Network has been part of Europe’s leading group of independent professional tyre dealers for 10 years and has over 250 independently owned centres in the UK. The success of the growing network is a result of the increased satisfaction of Point S UK members who continue to benefit from strong relationships with suppliers. With a customer commitment to transparent pricing, scheduled appointment times and no hidden charges, Point S is committed to offering motorists a stress-free experience.

All Point S network members around the globe share the same objective; to promote their status of tyre specialists and professionals, while staying totally independent from any supplier or industry.

50 Years as a Global Brand

2021 also marks 50 successful years for the Point S global brand. Prior to 1971 the market for tyres, car accessories and even repairs was very different. Back then, if someone needed to change a tyre, the choice was limited to what the local garage could offer and was not always the best solution. Things changed when 50 French independent garage owners decided to work collectively to provide the best service, the best choice, and the best price to their customers. This was the birth of Point S, and the philosophy that still holds true today.

As it continued to grow steadily, Point S took its first international steps in 1989 by partnering with a German network, followed quickly by other national networks, including the UK in 2011. From 2012, the network grew outside Europe to both South Africa and the United States.

Now, after 50 successful years, Point S is in 46 different countries, on 4 continents with more than 5,600 Points of Sale. After conquering the US, South Africa and, of course, Europe, the company has also seen strong growth in Asia, notably in China, where the brand launched in 2019.

The Group celebrates this important milestone with anniversary promotions, including a major European campaign linked to the UEFA European Championship.

Fabien Bouquet, International CEO of Point S, adds: “Our international news for this year, the 50th anniversary of our brand, promises to be rich in new developments, marketing, and commercial activities to support our members and customers during this particularly complex time and in the context of the COVID pandemic. Our independence, a guarantee of our flexibility and responsiveness, has enabled us to adapt quickly to the current crisis. It means that we have been able to work on the changing scenarios of our market, which are sure to accelerate in the years to come. The growth and innovation opportunities of our network remain significant for the coming decades, bearing in mind our primary mission of supporting the profitability of our members.”

Stronger Together

The good news for Point S and its members is that, even during these challenging times, the global group remained stable and strong. Despite the global health crisis that has left no-one unaffected, the Group continues to strengthen support of its members and dedication to its suppliers.

The UK network will celebrate its special 10th Anniversary milestone this year with local promotions and looks forward to hosting its Annual Conference and Gala Dinner in September.