On September 28th and 29th 2019, a selection of Europe’s best truck drivers will gather at the Goodyear proving grounds in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg, to participate in the 2019 International DAF Driver Challenge Final. With the motto: “Be the Best, Drive the Best”, DAF, supported by its partners Goodyear and Dekra, is promoting the skilled and demanding profession of truck driving. In the quest to find the best truck driver, over 1,000 candidates from 30 countries across Europe and beyond have registered to compete in the national competitions from March till September.

To be eligible for the 2019 International DAF Driver Challenge Final, a driver must know how to get maximum performance from every drop of fuel, how to transport freight safely and on time during rush hour and how to keep a vehicle in top condition. Following an initial online registration process – including assessments of road knowledge and an understanding of the commercial vehicles in operation – selected drivers were tested at the national finals in their respective countries.

At the 2019 International DAF Driver Challenge Final, scheduled for the end of September, 18 national DAF Driver Challenge Champions will demonstrate their expert driving skills, road safety awareness and understanding of the transport business. The two-day final, hosted by Goodyear, will put the finalists to the test in a series of innovative challenges behind the wheel of the award-winning DAF truck range. These challenges will, of course, be undertaken on Goodyear’s latest-generation tyre ranges, FUELMAX GEN-2 and KMAX GEN-2, to enhance fuel efficiency and mileage.

The jury, consisting of driving experts, will evaluate each local finalist on technical vehicle and tyre knowledge, eco-driving and road safety skills, manoeuvring capabilities and other key areas, to be named the overall winner and 2019 International DAF Driver Challenge Champion.

Goodyear and DAF have a long-term partnership focusing on delivering premium quality, high transport efficiency services and superior mobility”, said Maciej Szymanski Director Marketing Commercial Europe for Goodyear. “It is particularly rewarding to be involved in the 2019 International DAF Driver Challenge, promoting the challenging profession of truck driving. At Goodyear, our aim is to make the life of drivers and their daily operations as easy as possible. We do this with a unique, customised Goodyear Total Mobility fleet offering that includes high-quality tyres, smart tyre monitoring and management solutions to keep them in top condition, as well as a Pan-European service network, TruckForce, to keep trucks and their drivers going. This way, we help to maximise uptime and enhance the driver safety as well as their comfort, enabling them to excel in their job.”

The 2019 International DAF Driver Challenge Final is taking place at the Goodyear proving grounds in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg. The track, once homologated for Formula 1 testing, runs a total length of 3,960 metres. Today, it is used for the extensive testing of passenger and truck tyres to deliver high levels of performance and efficiency. The finalists will participate in nine different technical and handling workshops on the Goodyear track.