17 New Products for Tyre & Auto Repair Shops Now Available from Martins Industries

With its brand name gaining more awareness among tyre service professionals, Martins Industries looked to further expand its presence in this market by recently launching 17 products in 3 new categories: Tyre Spreaders, Floor Jacks & Accessories and Mounting & Demounting Truck Tyre Tools. These products of common use can now be purchased online, through the company’s new e-commerce website, as well as directly, through their sales force and distribution partners.

It is no secret for anyone at Martins Industries that the company wants to expand its product offering for tyre & auto repair shops. “Equipment purchasers from that sector regularly tell us that, after ordering from us for the first time and seeing how swiftly things went and how reliable the products were, they came on our website to see what other products we had for them”, said company president Martin Depelteau. Such comments never fall on deaf ears, and the team at Martins is making great strides to better respond to the demand. In December of 2020, the company launched two models of tyre spreaders, one for passenger vehicle tyres (PCR & SUV) and another one that is specialised for semi truck tyres (TBR). Then, earlier this month, it launched a professional and a conventional series of hydraulic floor jacks. Along with these were also introduced jack stands to add to the category. Finally, just recently, the company made its entry in the manual tyre changing tools category with tyre bead breakers, bead holders and mounting & demounting tools for standard semi truck and super single tyres.

“And we’re not done…”, Depelteau added, hinting at the company’s desire to become a trusted, go-to brand for all tyre shop equipment & supply. With an expanded product offering and a dependable supply chain and distribution network, Martins Industries is confident that it is en route to making life a lot easier for tyre & auto repair shop purchasers.