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ZC Rubber’s Auto Space Ranked Top 14 China Automotive Aftermarket Retail Chain Brand in 2023

ZC Auto Space, the aftermarket service brand of ZC Rubber, has recently been ranked as the 2023 Top 14 China Automotive Aftermarket Retail Chain brand, among the top 100 brand list launched by the online media Aftermarket in China(AC车). Notebly, ZC Auto Space is one of the only three tyre company subsidiary brands to have made it onto this list, alongside Michelin TyrePlus (Top 6) and Linglong Car Maintenance Station (Top 22).

This recognition highlights ZC Auto Space’s commitment to providing high-quality, cost-effective, and standardised one-stop automotive services to a wide range of car owners. “We are delighted to be recognised as one of the leading automotive aftermarket retail chain brands in China,” said ZC Rubber. “This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering customer-focused services. Moreover, we are also actively innovating and investing to expand the ZC Auto Space service model globally.”

Since its Establishment in 2015, ZC Auto Space has been a subsidiary aftermarket service brand of ZC Rubber, offering efficient, convenient, and reliable service such as tyre repair, car maintenance, and roads assistance, etc. With a network of 605 retail chain stores across China, including 5 wholly-owned stores and 600 franchise stores, Auto Space has successfully expanded its presence in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Standard Service System: Elevating Store Operation and Customer Experience

ZC Auto Space has been stepping up its game by implementing a robust standardised service system aimed at optimising store operations and delivering exceptional services to car owners. To ensure a heightened level of professionalism, ZC Auto Space equips its stores with standardised operation manuals, comprehensive online and offline training programs, and adherence to SOP. The result is a seamless and consistent service experience for customers, characterised by transparent pricing and a streamlined service flow. 

Leveraging the cutting-edge Auto Space Store Manager System, ZC Auto Space empowers store managers with powerful tools for efficient operation management. Additionally, the regional operation consultant teams provide valuable on-site support, addressing the unique challenges faced by franchise stores. 

By embracing these initiatives, ZC Auto Space aims to revolutionise the automotive aftermarket and assist franchise stores in achieving “Smart Stores.”

Digitalised Supply Chain: Empowering Retail Stores with ZC Cloud Store

Recognising the power of digitalisation, ZC Auto Space has developed the ZC Cloud Store ecosystem to empower its retail stores.

This innovative platform integrates various automotive aftermarket supply chain components, including an automotive product marketplace, car data platform, user data platform, and supply chain cloud platform. The ZC Cloud Store allows store owners to easily browse and purchase products such as tyres and engine oil from the comfort of their homes. With fast delivery from nearby warehouses and transparent pricing, ZC Cloud Store ensures that tyre stores have direct access to products with factory prices.

One of the key features of ZC Cloud Store is the real-time inventory visibility of tyres, allowing store owners to place orders directly with distributors through the Cloud Store app. Furthermore, ZC Cloud Store regularly offers special deals on selected tyres, enabling stores to maximise their profits.

The ZC Cloud Store marketplace also features a wide range of high-quality oils and accessories sourced directly from renowned manufacturers. With guaranteed quality and direct supply from manufacturers, stores can enjoy greater profit margins while providing customers with top-notch products.

Through the ZC Cloud Store, tyre retailers can seamlessly connect their online and offline operations, utilising mobile devices or computers. This integration allows for the consolidation of data, management, and marketing efforts, leveraging internet-based solutions to elevate businesses and embrace digital transformation.

Multiple Aftersales Service: Going the Extra Mile for Customer Satisfaction

In 2021, ZC Rubber introduced the upgraded Zhongce Tire Insurance 3.0, which covers any tyre bulge problem caused by non-quality issues. Additionally, customers can also benefit from a free one-time tyre repair, 5-year tyre warranty, and a unique QR code for each tyre.

With a mission to “Empowering stores, delighting customers”, ZC Rubber and Auto Space are dedicated to innovating their business and providing high-quality, value-added services to customers in China and potentially worldwide in the future. With their standardised service system, digital marketing efforts, and commitment to customer satisfaction, ZC Auto Space is revolutionising the automotive aftermarket and setting new standards for excellence.