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ZC Rubber Unveils New 5G Digital Factory for Premium Tyres

ZC Rubber has produced its first PCR tyre at the newly built high-performance radial tyre green 5G digital factory based in Qiantang District, Hangzhou. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Shen Jinrong, Chairman of ZC Rubber, and the company’s senior management, who all witnessed the historic moment for the company.

Upgraded to “Future Factory v2.0”, the new 5G digital factory fully utilises digital technology and is dedicated to producing premium tyre products, including the flagship series, EV tyres, OE tyres for both domestic and international markets.

The Chinese car parc reached 319 million at the end of 2022. This number promised a huge after market for PCR tyres. Furthermore, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers(CAAM)predicts the sales of new cars in China of 2024 will reach approximately 31 million units, a 3% increase with EV cars including BEV and HEV seeing 11.5 million units, achieving 20% growth. The rapid expansion of the Chinese EV car market with large car population guaranteed constant strong demand on PCR tyres in China. ZC Rubber’s 5G factory will be ready for such a demand increase and satisfy customers in both domestic and international market.

“The successful construction and operation of this new 5G factory will further solidify our position in the market and enhances our brand presence, supporting our globalisation efforts,” stated ZC Rubber.

The launch of the 5G digital factory marks a new opportunity and starting point for ZC Rubber. As the largest tyre manufacturer in China and a Top 9 global tyre company, ZC Rubber aims to continue pursuing high-quality development and drive all-around digital transformation and upgrade in the tyre industry.

“We are committed to enhancing product competitiveness, safety, and added value, leading the company towards becoming a world-leading tyre company with higher standards,” said ZC Rubber.