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Yokohama Tyres for Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League’s Autonomous Car Race in the UAE

Yokohama is supplying Advan racing tyres to the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL) for its inaugural autonomous car race to be held on April 27, 2024, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The A2RL is launching a driverless racing series that will use the SF23 formula racing car used in the Japanese Super Formula Championship series (Super Formula), Asia’s ultimate formula racing series.

The A2RL race is being organised by Aspire, the technology program management and business development arm of the UAE’s Advanced Technology Research Council, with the aim of expanding the possibilities of future mobility.

The A2RL is being supported by Japan Race Promotion Inc. (JRP), the Super Formula organiser, which is supplying racing cars based on the SF23 used in Super Formula races in Japan and equipped with software developed by Aspire.

The A2RL race will be a competition among cars with different autonomous driving software and algorithms developed by eight participating teams of software programmers and engineers. The participating teams from Asia, North America, and Europe will be competing for a $2.25 million in first-place prize money.

Through JRP, Yokohama will support Aspire’s A2RL racing series by providing the same Advan A005 racing tyres currently being used as the control tyres for Super Formula races in Japan. The Advan A005 has achieved a 33% sustainable material content ratio while maintaining the same outstanding grip performance as previously used tyres.