WM Hamilton & Sons Give R&J Strang Partnership a Clean Bill of Health

WM Hamilton & Sons, a leading supplier of road sweeping, waste removal and material haulage services in Scotland, has extended its contract with Continental-owned tyre service provider R&J Strang for an additional five years. The two companies have been affiliated for more than a quarter of a century, with WM Hamilton signing up to be R&J Strang’s fourth ever client.

Based near Larkhall, family-owned WM Hamilton & Sons prides itself on offering exceptional service to customers through its three main areas of operation. The business runs a fleet of nearly 70 trucks, comprising of a diverse range of purpose-optimised tractors, trailers, tippers, tankers and integrated sweeping units.

A relationship built firmly on the principle of trust; it is the high standard of service afforded to WM Hamilton by R&J Strang that continues to impress.

“R&J Strang has built a fantastic business based on service,” said David Hamilton, Director of WM Hamilton & Sons. “It’s the same ethos that we pride ourselves on, so we find that they are the perfect fit. They’re friends to us as much as partners. Robert, Lynn and the team are passionate about what they do and clearly care immensely about our business, too.

“Obviously, tyres are a fundamental basic for any transport or logistics firm, and given our area of work, they often face quite challenging conditions. Be it on a waste disposal facility, building site or removing material from the road, we are regularly exposing our tyres to sharp and abrasive terrain. R&J Strang know this, so they’ve put the measures in place to help minimise any downtime.”

WM Hamilton benefits from a dedicated on-site tyre fitter, provided by R&J Strang. Each vehicle is checked on a daily basis, with tyre pressures monitored and replacement tyres fitted as and when required. The tyre policy sees WM Hamilton utilise a combination of new Continental tyres and ContiRe retread tyres across its fleet.

“If we get a roadside breakdown, we can depend on R&J Strang to get out to the scene quickly,” David adds. “Our drivers are able to get in touch with them directly and a technician is dispatched. It’s a very painless process; within an hour or two the truck is back out in service. Maximising vehicle uptime is, of course, critical to meeting our own service standards.”

“We’re pleased with the overall performance of the Continental tyres, too. Without a doubt, it’s a premium brand and it shows in the quality.”

The business has an R&J Strang Account Manager, overseeing their price per vehicle contract. By working closely with the on-site tyre fitter, policy changes such as the arrival of new vehicles, can be accommodated promptly and efficiently.

Lynn Strang, Operations Director at R&J Strang, said: “We value the ongoing partnership with David and WM Hamilton. It’s a relationship centred around trust, which gives us the freedom to refine our service for the benefit of WM Hamilton and our other customers. The team are a pleasure to work with, and we’re excited to continue alongside them in the coming years.”