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Wherever You Want To Be This Summer, Be Tyre Safe

With remaining uncertainty about the safety and logistics of foreign travel, according to YouGov, 47% of British holidaymakers* are planning a 2021 staycation, with many relying on their vehicle to get them to their destination.

With an expected rise in longer journeys in the UK, TyreSafe is reminding drivers there are more tyre-related incidents on the roads in summer than at any other time of the year. This summer also sees the lifting of all legal coronavirus restrictions, meaning more drivers will be returning to regular driving including commuting after periods of less than regular activity in their cars. Vehicles parked for longer than usual periods may be at greater risk of tyre cracking and deteriorating in adverse and warm weather conditions.

To ensure drivers and their families get their staycation off to a safe and smooth start, drivers are encouraged to be tyre safe and remember to ACT – check: air pressure, condition and tread before setting off.

When checking tyre pressures, don’t forget to consider just how loaded your vehicle will be with additional luggage and passengers. Most car manufacturers supply two recommended pressures, one for lighter loads and one for laden vehicles and it is crucial that drivers adjust the pressures accordingly. These pressures can be found in the vehicle handbook, door sill or fuel filler cap.

Next, it is important to check the condition of your vehicle’s tyres. Carefully inspect each for cracks, bulges or foreign objects. If you notice any of these you must seek advice from a tyre professional immediately.

Drivers should check the tread depth of their tyres. The minimum legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, and you can check your tyres are legal using a 20p piece. Insert the coin into the tyre’s tread around the circumference and across the width of the tyre at several points. If you can see any of the outer rim you need to have your tyres checked by a professional to avoid potential fines of up to £2,500 and 3 penalty points per tyre.

Finally, before loading the boot, drivers are advised to locate and check the condition of the spare wheel, if one is fitted. It is likely that most modern vehicles will instead contain a ‘space-saver’ or an emergency puncture repair kit. Familiarising yourself with your equipment will help you and your passengers stay safe and get back on the road in the event of a rapid deflation.

TyreSafe’s summer campaign includes videos, digital media and assets to help supporters to spread the message.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe Chair, said: “In a year laced with so many ups and downs and ongoing uncertainty, the last thing holidaymakers want is their trip spoiled by a tyre-related incident that could be prevented by performing basic checks. While we are all keen to enjoy our new-found freedom, just five minutes checking your tyres could be the difference between making memories and a trip cut short.

“Wherever you want to be this summer, be tyre safe.”