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WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection Offers Profitable Proposition, says Aftermarket

Zalloys International Limited, manufacturer of WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection, is helping boost workshops’ bottom lines, as more garages join its Certified Partner network to supply and fit motorists’ vehicles with a cost-effective solution to reduce the risk of wheel damage.

Launched in 2017 to dealerships and OEMs, WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection’s factory-fit appearance is just one of the reasons why it has been the industry’s go-to supplier to some of the world’s leading automotive brands. And now, the independent aftermarket has been offered the ideal opportunity to supply and fit this industry-approved product that provides high profit margins, while its customers can benefit from a patented, discreet and impact-resistant system stamped with an industry seal of approval.

As a sacrificial wheel protector that will take the brunt of the impact between the kerb and the wheel, WHEELUV™ is made from an impact resistant polymer that combines resilience with chemical resistance across a wide temperature range. Its components have been subjected to submersion tests in fuel, oil, brake fluid, all major types of wheel cleaners (including acidic and basic products), along with other workshop products to ensure colour and functionality are unaffected – an area where competitors have often fallen short.

To date, more than 50,000 wheels have been protected already, thanks in part to its compatibility with most wheels and tyres including diamond cut wheels and run flat tyres. What makes the WHEELUV™ offering even more compelling to garages and workshops is that it is very much a solution specifically designed with the industry in mind. The efficient installation process makes use of a bespoke wipe system to save having to wash wheels, and there is no need to deflate tyres or break the bead, saving labour costs due to shorter fitting times. Installers can also change tyres without damaging the protectors, using a proprietary process developed by the Zalloys team.

WHEELUV™ Certified Partner Andrew Truswell of Alloy Refurbs in Sutton-in-Ashfield joined the network and was no stranger to the brand. He explains: “As a business owner it seemed second nature for me to partner with the team when it launched WHEELUV™. We’ve worked with the WHEELUV team for over 20 years on different OE parts, so I knew the calibre of product involved. We offer wheel repairs to our customers, so it made sense to offer them a way to protect their wheels after they’d been repaired, using a product which has been developed by a team with an extensive history as a tier 1 OEM parts manufacturer. Fitting 15 sets of protectors a month on average makes us nearly £15,000 a year, so it’s a great upsell opportunity.”

Marcus Jones of Hucknall Lane Service Centre in Bulwell is another certified partner who agrees on its potential: “We’re always looking for quality products to offer our customers, so we were genuinely excited when we got to work with Jon, James and the WHEELUV™ protectors. We were particularly impressed that the company placed extra investment in developing a process around having tyres changed, but I suppose that’s what you get when you work with an OE manufacturer. Making about £30,000 profit a year makes it a no brainer.”

For further information on joining the WHEELUV™ Alloy Protection network of Certified Partners, visit