Tyrenet ‘Tyre Management Portal’- New On-Line Vehicle Monitoring System

Tyrenet is perhaps best known as the ‘go to’ tyre emergency service for many tyre dealers and fleets all over the UK and increasingly in Europe.  In 2021, the introduction of Tyrenet’s on-line tyre ordering solution meant that it could provide a service for the public as well as commercial fleets that didn’t have an account or contract with a local tyre dealer.

This year Tyrenet’s web development team have a gone a stage further by launching a ‘portal’ that allows fleet or transport managers to monitor the tyre maintenance needs for vehicles within their fleets.  The ‘Tyre management portal’ service has been in operation with key fleet customers throughout 2022 in order to augment the services that are already provided for the fleets by Tyrenet.

The niche or service opportunity the ‘Tyre Management Portal’ solution fulfils best is to provide an on-line data source to log and update the tyre maintenance of each wheel for each vehicle within a fleet so that a fleet or transport manager can instantly pull up any information about a vehicle and its tyres and more effectively plan their tyre maintenance avoiding emergency tyre call outs for example.

The new ‘Tyre Management Portal’ has enabled Tyrenet to emerge as a major Fleet maintenance solution too. Even tyre dealers and fitters can access the system and use it to help them manage the tyre maintenance for their clients.

Fleet managers and transport managers are looking for services above and beyond just tyre services to help them manage their fleets.  Tyrenet’s new fleet dashboard system the ‘Tyre Management Portal’  tracks the status of the tyre checks for each vehicle over time.  It provides fleet managers with a cloud based, real time view so they can see which vehicles have been checked or which are due for checks.

Tried and tested systems

The systems combined with the tyre replacement service, provide a strong solution as several major fleets have already contracted Tyrenet to maintain their fleet tyres as well as provide a nationwide emergency tyre replacement service.  Some of the key customers have been using the system for almost a year and were part of the  ‘Beta’ testing and innovation programme during its development.  “ We even had one fleet leave us and decided to go elsewhere only to come back some time later because our system provided a solution that they couldn’t replicate from other providers”, commented Aaron Mikoleitzik, Tyrenet’s Operations Director.

A national network of commercial tyre dealers and fitters

Tyrenet has access to over 1000 tyre depots and over 500 dealers who can fulfil the maintenance service alongside the emergency truck and van tyre replacement service.

Tyrenet’s 24 hour mobile tyre fitting service is also attracting the attention of European truck fleets who use the callout tyre replacement service if they need an emergency tyre replacement tyre whilst operating in the UK.  The emergency tyre breakdown service is used by over 200 vehicles a day providing tyre replacement assistance for all types and sizes of commercial vehicles.

The business has mainly been commercial vehicle roadside tyre replacement including both emergency HGV tyres and increasingly fast roadside van tyre replacement but since the on-line service has been added, there have been a number of emergency tyre replacement calls from car owners too as Tyrenet is selected ahead of the traditional flat tyre breakdown recovery companies associated with cars.

Tyrenet are always actively looking to recruit more dealers and depots to extend its reach and establish a more comprehensive fast tyre replacement service.  The more depots that Tyrenet can include, the greater the availability of tyre stocks locally to provide more options for the fleet tyre services to secure the fastest service.

We aim to satisfy every UK on-line query saying ‘mobile van or truck flat tyre repair near me?’

The objective that Tyrenet aim deliver with their flat tyre breakdown recovery service, is to get the stricken vehicle back on the road within 90 minutes.  The team at Tyrenet know that any delay can cost a driver a delivery slot or significant further delays and so they work hard to turn each job around as quickly as possible.  That means that they strive to answer the phone within 6 seconds and use their expert knowledge of the dealers and depots to contact not just the nearest but they know also how to get the local tyre replacement fast by targeting the ones likely to hold in stock, the replacement tyre needed.

The motto at Tyrenet is ‘Any Tyre, Anywhere Any Time’ but that does have its challenges especially for  the 24 hour mobile tyre fitter who provides an urgent mobile tyre fitting service for fleet tyre services for construction vehicles. The job may not be in the most convenient of locations for roadside  assistance tyre  changes often being off road but the network of experienced fitters can overcome any such issues or challenges and ensure the vehicle is back in action within 90 minutes or less!