It’s time to take a look at a new supplier that has emerged for tyre consumables and equipment in the UK market Tyre fitting market, Tyre Stuff Ltd.

Operating from a large Nottingham based warehouse, Tyre Stuff say they have a focused goal in supplying the UK tyre fitting market. That is to provide “real value”. They also say that they offer the most convenient on line and digital supply anywhere in the industry to compliment this promise.

The web ordering system is indeed attractive. A simple to use website coupled with simple checkout means you can grab what you need in a few minutes without any hassle. You can also open an account in seconds giving you access to previous orders, favourite lists and exclusive deals and discounts. You can also follow Tyre Stuff on social media where again, they will keep you up to date with social news from across the industry and give you first look at new products and offers.

The question is, what does the term real value mean? We asked Leigh Stote, Managing Director of Tyre Stuff Ltd. “We define real value as providing the right items, at the right price to do the job properly” said Mr Stote. “Particularly when it comes to equipment people are faced with cheap, no feature machines or machines that have been over engineered. They are over engineered not to make your life easier, but so they can charge you more, that’s all” he continued. “We are looking at that middle ground. Good quality, solid machinery, with features that make the machine more useful, but without over engineering or inflating prices so you get the best of both worlds, a great machine for a great price.”

Along with the equipment side of the product range, Tyre Stuff are also proud of their wide selection of consumable items. From Tyre Valves, balance weights and repair materials through to Air tools, gauges and workshop tools they seem to have everything covered for your tyre fitting needs.

There is no doubt the approach of Tyre Stuff is value for money but they are also keen to point out they offer a very personal customer support program in line with this to support aftersales for future years. Tyre Stuff can be contacted online at www.tyrestuff.co.uk.