Triangle Tyre at Bauma 2022

Triangle Tyre will attend Bauma, the leading international trade show for construction, building and mining machines and equipment, to be held in Munich from October 24 to 30, 2022.

Considered by all professional operators and OEMs as a platform to display new products and a way to connect and network together within the industry, Bauma is gladly announcing that the 2022 show has yet again sold out with 200,000 m2 of indoor space and 400,000 m2 outdoor booked by more than 3,000 exhibitors from around 60 countries.

Triangle, thanks to its excellent product line up and efficient service network across Europe has gained, during the last years, widespread attention and recognition in the market.

As a result of its continuous engagement, Triangle will proudly attend the show for the first time on a 70 sq booth displaying some of its best-selling products.

The impressive TB599A E4 for rigid dump trucks for mine and quarry applications in the size 27.00R49 and TL578S E4/L4 for articulated dump trucks together with the latest size of TB576 E2, ideal pattern for mobile cranes, represent the line up on display at the booth.

The giant 49” tyre, with a diameter of 2,7 meter, used in the most demanding quarry and mining environments, offers a long-lasting tyre life combined with the ability to cope with the harshest ground conditions.

Thanks to its safety performance and efficiency, the TB599A E4 giant tyre has become the first choice of major mining companies around the world.

Underground transportation products have been a big challenge for tyre manufacturers due to their thick anti scratch compounds, the need of strong materials and the required high capability of heat dispersion in the production process.

The new Triangle’s TL578S E4/L4 in the size 35/65R33 is able to meet all above necessary requirements.

The pattern is designed for underground transportation and it perfectly completes the current product range of Triangle in the segment.

New tread design for excellent traction, heat dispersion capacity, strong shoulder for anti-scratch and high tensile steel cords for load capability are the features of the new Triangle’s OTR product.

The pattern is also designed for surface operations, where the required speed is usually 10 km/h. and the max speed that the TL578S can reach is 40 km/h improving operation efficiency.

Further benefits are represented by excellent anti-cut performances at tread, shoulder and sidewall areas.

The lineup at Bauma is completed by the TB576 E2, in the new size 445/95R25, for high-speed mobile crane applications.

The pattern has been designed having in mind the needs of a modern mobile crane fleet. The straight reinforced rib design allows excellent handling characteristics, a high level of driving comfort and improved fuel efficiency at high speed.

The grooves of the tread are protected with stepped stone ejectors which allow the tyre to self-clean trapped stones collected at rough terrain construction sites.

The heavy-duty casing design and innovative tread design will help to limit breakdowns to a minimum, while the closed shoulder design has been conceived for even tread wear and a higher mileage performance.

Furthermore, it also helps protecting the tyre from external aggression on rough terrain.