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Trelleborg Propels Sustainable Farming in Brazil with Advanced Tyres and Wheels

As Brazil progresses towards becoming a major global agricultural producer, Trelleborg Tyres is playing a pivotal role in this journey. Trelleborg’s advanced tyre technology, innovative tread design, and soil-preserving solutions are empowering farmers to meet the challenges of modern agriculture.

At Agrishow 2024, Brazil’s largest agricultural machinery exhibition taking place from April 29 to May 3, Trelleborg tyre experts will welcome agri professionals at Booth #E8b. They will  demonstrate how Trelleborg long-lasting, high-performance tyres can boost productivity, enhance traction and maximize machinery efficiency.

In response to the call for sustainable innovation in agriculture, Trelleborg has engineered and manufactured the TM1 ECO POWER, its most sustainable tyre ever. This tyre will be unveiled in Brazil for the first time at Booth #E8b, demonstrating Trelleborg Tyres’ commitment to sustainable farming. Trelleborg will also introduce a new size in TM150 tyre range for modern sprayers delivering greater ground protection and fuel savings even with high-powered equipment and high-capacity loads.

Marcelo Natalini, President of Yokohama TWS South America, remarked, “We are excited to meet the evolving demands of the modern South American agricultural industry. Brazilian agriculture represents 25% of its GDP, and farmers are set to modernise their operations to handle larger capacities more efficiently. By introducing new tyre technologies, Trelleborg Tyres is raising the bar for Brazilian farming operations, offering specialty tyres for a whole new crop of machinery. With the launch of the TM1 ECO POWER, we reaffirm our commitment to a more sustainable and productive farming future in Brazil and South America”.

Specialty tyre solutions to advance Brazilian agricultural industry

Agrishow visitors to Trelleborg Booth #E8b will discover a wide range of high-performance tyres tailored to meet their specific machinery and crop production including: TM1 ECO POWER tyre, the multi award winning TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® tyre combined with the complete DW wheel system, and the new VF 380/105R50TL size for the TM150 range for modern sprayers.

  • The TM1 ECO POWER developed with OE partner Fendt: this innovative tyre for both traditional and electric tractors is made from 65% recycled and bio-based materials, outperforming and outlasting standard tyres on road and hard soil.This tyre solution uses sustainable engineering for significant savings in fuel and battery consumption on electric vehicles, delivering a 47% lower rolling resistance compared to other premium tyres. Its innovative design and self-cleaning properties give 26% greater traction on hard terrain and 12% better operator comfort, setting a new tyre standard for the future of agribusiness.
  • The TM150 tyre range proves high load capacity, lateral stability, and reduced fuel consumption and its new size 380/105R50TL is made for a new generation of sprayers. Featuring VF (Very High Flexion) technology, the tyre can carry up to 40% more load with the same pressure, critical for optimal sprayer performance, with no damages to crops due to its wider footprint. The tyre is known for its greater comfort and handling even at high speeds (D rated 65 km/hr) and is over 50% more wear-resistant compared to market average. The line can be fitted on various-sized rims, further adding to cost and time savings.
  • Another high-performance product is the complete wheel solution combining top-of-the-line TM1000 ProgressiveTraction® tyre with the DW wheel, designed for advanced agriculture. Developed especially for high-powered machinery, it provides premium handling and comfort, high load capacity, self-cleaning properties and excellent traction. The wheel design is enhanced by the THK (Trelleborg High Knurling) features, made to maximise tractor performance at high speed and torque and prevent any slippage between the tyre and the rim, giving farmers optimal efficiency and productivity.