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Trelleborg Kicks Off Agritechnica with Expert-Led Press Conference

Trelleborg, a global leader in agricultural tyres, opened the doors of Agritechnica 2023 with a press conference, where its experts unveiled its newest and most sustainable product, the TM1 ECO POWER tyre.

Paolo Pompei, President & CEO at Yokohama TWS,  kicked off the conference with a compelling overview of Trelleborg’s tyre brand journey, highlighting market insights and key takeaways from its future strategy, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and connectivity as the foundation of tyre technologies for tomorrow’s farming.

Then Gianluca Abbati, Vice President Technology & Innovation, made the highly anticipated TM1 ECO POWER tyre debut live, setting the stage for a new era of tyre technology with the new Trelleborg most sustainable tyre.

Abbati, while presenting the TM1 ECO POWER on stage, commented: “Performance comparison tests against premium agricultural tyres show that the TM1 ECO POWER has up to 47% lower rolling resistance, with up to 3% significant savings in fuel and battery consumption on electric tractors. The innovative tyre design and its self-cleaning properties have been proven to provide 26% greater traction on hard soil and 12% extra operator comfort.

The TM1 ECO POWER tyre was met with positive reactions from both journalists and visitors on site.

Abbati also introduced the latest updates on the Trelleborg ATMS (Adaptive Tyre Management System), which helps customers achieve more sustainable operations with advanced technology.

Through tyre-mounted sensors, with ATMS farmers will get real-time tyre data including each tyre‘s dynamic load, pressure, and temperature for ultimate tractor performance.

As Trelleborg is committed to offer more than just advanced tyres, but a complete Trelleborg experience to its customers, Elio Bartoli, President EMEA & Global OEM, announced the launch of the new Trelleborg Premium Care program in Europe. This program offers farmers a new level of support, expertise and care, including an extended warranty on Trelleborg tyres, which allows them to enhance performance and extend the lifespan of their Trelleborg tyres.

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