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Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., LTD. aims to develop high-performance tyres that can meet the requirements of society and it is continuously working on technology innovation of ‘Nano Balance Technology’, the indigenous rubber material development technology developed in 2011.

Toyo is pleased to announce that they have developed a new process development technology contributing to significant reduction in fuel consumption from the ‘nano processing’ aspect of Nano Balance Technology, which is one of the fundamental technology systems for the rubber used in truck and bus tyres.

Nano Balance Technology

Nano Balance Technology is a technology for developing ideal rubber materials with high precision through observation, prediction, function creation, and control of rubber materials at the molecular (nano) level.

They use this to achieve a high level of tyre rolling resistance (low fuel consumption performance) and braking performance (wet grip performance). In addition to launching the fuel-efficient tyre brand ‘NANOENERGY’ which balances these two contradictory levels of performance at a high level, they also use it in their Flagship brand ‘PROXES’, thereby offering a range of high value-added products.