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Tough, Versatile and Efficient OTR Performance from Magna Tyres

When it comes to Earthmover, Industrial and Agricultural Tyres  Netherland based global OTR manufacturer Magna Tyres present a comprehensive choice of patterns to suit every application.

For the earthmoving and mining sectors all Magna tyres are specially designed and developed for use in the most demanding and extreme conditions including muddy, rocky and sandy terrains and can be fitted to wheeled loaders, dumper scrapers and many other types of off-road equipment.

The Magna tyre range is popular for various mining environments such as quarries as well as specialist opencast mining and surface mining activities withstanding landslides, floods and extreme heat. Other important features and benefits include an enhanced rubber compound for outstanding wear and improved resistance to punctures.

Magna Tyres also offer an extensive range of Port and Terminal tyres for handlers, forklifts and staddle carriers which are specifically constructed for working over relatively short distances back and forth to load and unload ships over rough surfaces. The tyres can also be fitted to container handlers and reach stockers and incorporate a unique tread compound that effectively reduces the build-up of inside heat and combats tread cracks. Additionally, a reinforced sidewall ensures outstanding stability and assists in protecting equipment.

Magna Tyres has also developed a series of special mobile crane tyres to be fitted to rough terrain cranes and truck mounted cranes which incorporate several impressive features and benefits such as a reinforced shoulder area and a wide footprint to ensure low vibration. A full steel radial construction guarantees an optimised load performance.

Finally, Magna’s range of agricultural tyres are a popular choice for use on muddy, soft terrain, rough and dry surfaces and are currently available for all types of agricultural vehicles and equipment including tractors and trailers. An all new Magna M-Float Radial Flotation Implement Tyre has recently been introduced for agricultural tanker and trailer applications. All the Magna agricultural tyre range provide excellent grip levels on demanding surfaces including paddy fields and marshlands.

For further information on Magna Tyres comprehensive earthmover, industrial and agricultural tyres and the complete OTR product portfolio contact Magna Tyres on +31 416 675 220 or email