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Swarfega’s products have been giving a helping hand to the UK’s hard workers, keeping generations of trades people hard at work for over 70 years.

Swarfega recently launched Tough by Swarfega, designed to work as hard as the people it’s made for.

The range includes:

  • Hand cleaner: Swarfega know a thing or two about getting hands clean. This handy 250ml tube of hand cleaner is heavy duty, it tackles grease, grime and oil and is perfect for people on the move.
  • Skin protection cream: Using this cream strengthens the skin, improves grip, provides a barrier against contaminants and limits the risks of debilitating skin conditions.
  • Shower gel: The Tough Shower Gel is dual action, suitable for getting rid of hard to shift grease and grime from hair and skin.
  • Hand wipes: These are heavy duty, textured hand wipes that can be used anywhere, anytime, no water required. Every container can be re-sealed ensuring each of the 70 wipes is fresh and ready for the challenge.
  • Gel moisturiser: easily absorbed moisturising gel for hands and face.

We know how hard trades people work, that they put a serious shift in, every day. Tough jobs done by tough people often taken for granted – now’s the time to look after them, with a little help from Swarfega.