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Total Motion is in the process of converting around 70 per cent of its fleet to a Michelin Agilis CrossClimate tyre policy after predicting the tyres will deliver an extra 3,000 miles per set, versus its existing summer/winter tyre policy. The shift in policy will make Total Motion one of the largest users of Michelin’s latest generation light commercial vehicle tyre in the UK.

The Leicester-based fleet management company will fit the tyres to 17,500 vehicles which include specialist passenger carriers and light commercials such as the Renault Trafic Passenger, Vauxhall Vivaro, Mercedes Vito and Mercedes Sprinter – moving away from its previous strategy of fitting dedicated summer and winter tyres for each season.

Total Motion’s Strategic Account Manager, Harry Hill, says the new policy will save substantially on tyre storage costs, eliminate the downtime associated with seasonal tyre swaps as well as deliver improved vehicle performance – making a win-win situation for the firm’s customers.

“We introduced the CrossClimate+ tyres to our car fleet when the tyre was launched, and our customers reported superb levels of performance,” he says.

“As soon as the Agilis CrossClimate tyre became available for light commercial vehicles earlier this year we had the confidence that we would get the same results – we’ve received excellent feedback on improved road safety and reduced downtime.

“We want to be able to offer our clients vehicles that run on the best possible premium tyres as we are confident they will also be the safest and most efficient option. Plus, with a tyre that is now suitable all year round, it’ll only require replacing once its worn, reducing all of the hassle and downtime associated with seasonal changeovers.”

Michelin’s Agilis CrossClimate is a summer tyre with full winter capability, boasting safety in all weathers, enhanced damage resistance and long-lasting performance – the use of premium high-tech rubber compounds means it will perform from the first millimetre right down until the tread wear indicator is reached. Its rugged tread pattern is manufactured with sidewall and shoulder protection features for improved robustness in service, including advanced protection from kerbing.

The new tread-wear indicator comprises an easy-to-monitor four level gauge to inform drivers of when a tyre’s tread is wearing – a feature that Hill says has had a positive impact for Total Motion clients.

He adds: “The tread-wear gauge allows the driver to take a quick glance at the tyres and see exactly how much tread is left. Our customers report back that it’s so easy to use and takes out any guesswork about whether the tyres need replacing, ultimately saving them money by not replacing tyres before they’re due.”

Since switching to a Michelin tyre policy six years ago, Total Motion customers have reported back on excellent performance and longevity, with tyres lasting up to 30 per cent longer than premium competitor brands, collectively saving them more than £250,000.

Total Motion Vehicle Management is the largest family-run and privately-owned fleet management and leasing provider in the UK. It provides bespoke solutions to organisations that operate fleets from 30 to more than 60,000 vehicles.