THE TIRE COLOGNE 2022: Wide-Ranging Congress and Event Programme

The Boulevard of Sustainability presents the entire value creation chain of the tyre

In less than three months, the global tyre and wheel industry will once again gather at an international communication and business platform for the first time since the introduction of restrictions due to the corona virus pandemic. The content of THE TIRE COLOGNE 2022 will focus particularly on issues that have gained a considerable new impetus against the background of the pandemic – such as the continually growing need for greater sustainability. THE TIRE COLOGNE from 24 to 26 May 2022 will make trends and themes that are moving the industry experienceable. The event and congress programme, including star-studded conferences, theme areas and special events, will provide additional information and emotional inspiration.

The “TIRE STAGE” is the stage on which the themes of relevance for the industry play: in cooperation with partners, “fleet management”, “recycling” or “digitalisation”, for example, will be treated and discussed in sessions. The entire programme of TIRE STAGE will be streamed live and will afterwards be available as video on demand at the website of THE TIRE COLOGNE.

The TIRE FLEET Lounge with lectures and discussion panels will take place in the context of TIRE STAGE on the afternoon of the first day of the fair. As already in 2018, the ETM Verlag 2022 will host a special fleet forum with interesting lectures and a panel discussion for fleet managers and workshop operators. In this context, the trade publishing house will consistently continue the content of the TIRE Fleet Days 2019 organised in cooperation with Koelnmesse and once again question the relevance of tyres, trade and service for truck, transporter, bus and car fleets. High-level managers from the industry and renowned experts and practitioners will share their specialised knowledge. The TIRE Fleet Lounge thus enables an exclusive knowledge advantage for anyone responsible for fleets, at the same time offering an ideal platform for entering into a dialogue with potential customers.

The second edition of the Tire Recycling Forum will take place on Wednesday, 25 May 2022 between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m. on the tyre stage. The forum, organised by the Tyre & Rubber Recycling journal in cooperation with Koelnmesse, consists of two seminar sessions, each of which will deal with an area of importance for the worldwide tire recycling community. Session 1 from 12:00 to 1:20 p.m. is entitled “The Role of Recycling in Tyre Manufacturing Sustainability” and deals with the increasing importance of sustainability for the new (the adjective “new“ is confusing) tyre manufacturers and the key role that recycling plays in this respect. Session 2 from 1:40 to 3:00 p.m. is entitled “Developing Technologies and Future Prospects in Tyre Recycling” and will be debated by managers discussing the importance of the latest developments in tire recycling technology for the entire market landscape. The sessions will be hosted by Ewan Scott, the publisher of Tyre & Rubber Recycling.

The theme of “access to vehicle data” provides the focus for the panel discussion organised by the ZDK (central association of German automotive trades), wdk (German Rubber Manufacturers Association) and BRV (German Tyre Retail and Vulcanisation Trade Association) associations, which will take place on 25 May from 10:30-11:30 a.m. on the TIRE STAGE. For the participants of the automobile replacement market, including automotive workshops just as much as tyre service companies, unrestricted access with as few hurdles as possible to vehicle and vehicle-generated data is a decisive competitive factor. However, without the appropriate regulation, the automotive industry has more leverage. Is it thus possible that service offerings like vehicle maintenance and tyre service might in future become impossible for aftermarket participants? A volatile topic, on which high-level representatives from the tyre industry, the automobile trade and the automotive industry will present their positions and discuss contradictory approaches.

“Digitalisation” will of course also still be an important theme in the event program of THE TIRE COLOGNE. After all, digitalisation affects all areas of the tire trade. On the procurement side: wholesale ordering of the goods, catalogue systems, availability, configuration of the products. On the sales side: from the customer address through various digital touchpoints to the digitally supported customer dialogue at the point of sale. Under the title “Procurement, sales and customer communication – how digital is the tyre trade?”, Dietmar Winkler, Editor-in-Chief of asp – AUTO SERVICE PRAXIS, will discuss the question with guests of how far the trade has advanced up to now and where there is still some need to catch up.

Boulevard of Sustainability
Sustainability is the central theme of THE TIRE COLOGNE 2022, illustrated by the Boulevard of Sustainability, present for the first time. The central trade fair boulevard, the high-traffic axis of the trade fair, serves as a stage for placing the sustainable life cycle of the tyre in the spotlight.  Exhibitors and partners will address the individual phases at different focus islands and present approaches to solutions: the most innovative exhibits, the latest studies, the most important impulses. Visualised here is the comprehensive value creation chain of a tyre – from the extraction of raw materials through tyre production and the collection of end-of-life tyres to retreading and subsequent recycling. All approaches will focus explicitly on the sparing handling of important resources, so that a stringent and sustainable picture emerges.

Global Retreading Conference 2022
Following the very successful start at the last THE TIRE COLOGNE, the European retreading association BIPAVER will be starting the second Global Retreading Conference (GRC) in the afternoon of 24.05.2022. The programme of the international retreading conference in 2022 includes a panel discussion on the importance of and the need to promote retreading as a bearing pillar of the circular economy in the tyre sector, insight into the US retreading market, the status quo of the planned introduction of a European tyre marking for retreaded tires and new technical developments in the field of tyre testing. Subsequent to the Global Retreading Conference, awards will be awarded in various categories of the “Recircle Awards 2022”.

Action areas
Initiated and organised by the German Tyre Retail and Vulcanisation Trade Association (BRV) in cooperation with partners, two mounting areas for the practical demonstration of the (dis)assembly of large tyres of UHP/run-flat tyres are on the programme.

In the car segment, attention will mainly be paid to the wdk-certified mounting of UHP and run-flat tyres.
Tyres with a low aspect ratio and large wheel diameters are a growing segment both for original equipment and the replacement business. This is also driven by the increasing number of SUV, hybrid and pure e-vehicles. Adapted outfitting with machinery and a corresponding qualification of the fitters is indispensable for professional and safe tire servicing in the UHP/run-flat tyres segment. The BRV and wdk (German Rubber Manufacturers Association) will show how drastic damage can occur with an inappropriate work method or working conditions, in some cases first resulting in the failure of the tyres much later, in the mounting demonstrations on the two wdk-certified machine types on the basis of a selection of UHP/run-flat tyres and the associated wheels.

In the utility vehicles segment, the mounting of large tyres from the agriculture and industry segments will be shown in cooperation with the Bohnenkamp AG from Osnabrück in an action area. The background here is that more tire dealers are attempting to enter into tyre segments like agriculture/forestry or excavation/industry tyres in order to be able to position themselves more broadly in a competitive field. However, these niches require special know-how in the mounting and service sector in order to be able to offer professional marketing, combined with the necessary services.

THE TIRE COLOGNE is aimed at tyre manufacturers, specialist tyre dealers, vehicle service providers, workshop outfitters, recycling specialists, retreaders and all businesses associated with the tyre and vehicle industry. The international trade fair is organised by Koelnmesse and sponsored by the German Tyre Retail and Vulcanisation Trade Association (BRV).

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