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The First Prometeon Tyres of The Serie 02 Range Debut at Dakar Rally 2024

Prometeon Tyre Group has launched the first Prometeon-branded tyres of the Serie 02 range. The new product is called S02 Pista and is the first Prometeon-branded tyre in the Group’s history.

It has been an adrenaline-filled debut as the new Prometeon S02 Pista were equipped onto four trucks of the Italtrans andTibau teams participating in the Dakar Rally, held in Saudi Arabia this month (5th-19th January). The event is the Group’s first official participation in a major racing competition.

Roberto Righi, CEO of Prometeon Tyre Group, commented: “Launching a product in what is regarded as the world’s toughest race for trucks is a challenge we feel up to. The tyres that featured in the Dakar Rally are the first bearing the Prometeon brand, which fills us with pride and marks an important step in our history. We chose two reference teams boasting extensive experience, with which we have established a fruitful collaboration.


Prometeon S02 Pista is part of the new Serie 02 range, with which it shares the same technological package. The tyre is designed to offer great structural integrity for the most extreme off-road applications.

Compared to the product it replaces (PS22), the speed rating has been increased from 90 km/h to 110 km/h, while retaining the same load capacity. The product features an entirely redesigned tread pattern, which increases its duration and structural resistance at cruising speed (90-100 km/h), since the tyre must withstand greater stresses at higher speeds.

However, this improved resilience does not affect the tyre’s grip or mud expulsion capacity when used in the most extreme conditions. The S-shaped tread design guarantees progressive contact with the terrain, improving comfort and reducing noise when driving on asphalt.

The new Prometeon S02 Pista tyre can also operate at low pressures and can be equipped with “run flat” and “bead lock” systems, on all types of terrain including asphalt, sand, gravel, grass and marshy or uneven terrain. Available in size 14.00 R20, it boasts a load capacity of 10 tonnes when used on its own, and 18 tonnes in the twin-tyre configuration. The load index is 164/160K and the speed index K.