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Swapping Flame for Heat Across 132 Sites Nationwide

Formula One has invested in induction heating across their network to remove flame from their workshops. Formula One, one of the largest autocentre chains in the UK, have seen the benefits of induction heating and made a significant investment by installing GYS Powerduction 39LG units in all 132 sites nationwide.

Formula One is committed to investing in the latest technology ensuring they provide high-quality service to their customers. Changing from flame to heat is the latest in technology improvements for their sites.

For decades getting metal to expand has been done by using a flame torch. Not anymore, induction is a high-tech method of heating metal by using electromagnetic fields. The process is safe, flameless, and massively reduces the risk of fire. It is accurate, only heating the required parts, with no risk to the surrounding area. It is also extremely fast, heating the heart of the metal quicker in seconds. Induction is much easier to use than flame, requiring less training.

Technical Training Manager Sean Twomey advised, “Formula One is always looking at the latest technology and most efficient working processes. Replacing flame with induction heating within all workshops has increased productivity and reduced costs. With flame, there is a lot of training requirement to ensure safe working practice, this restricts the number of technicians we can train, with induction heating all technicians can use it with very little training.  We reviewed several suppliers and felt the GYS equipment was the most suitable for us. Firstly, we did an initial trial across 13 sites and the feedback was very positive, added to that GYS has a major facility in the UK and can provide support nationally to us. The GYS Powerduction units are very simple to use and robust—a brilliant piece of kit.”.

Tyler R, Formula One Technician Milton Keynes, say “Using Powerduction has made my job a lot easier. In one job; replacing a track rod end, using flame it took a long time to heat up, and there was risk to other parts of the vehicle. With induction heating, I could heat the key area really quickly and the part was removed.”

GYS is a French manufacturer of induction heating, battery charging and welding equipment. They supply a range of induction heaters from small portable units to large 22kW liquid-cooled machines capable of heating thick steel in seconds. GYS employ over 900 people worldwide. Within the UK they employ 45 people from their site in Rugby and have a dedicated training and after-sales support department, giving full support to their customers.