Snap-on Introduces APOLLO-D9

The new APOLLO-D9 diagnostic tool from Snap-on® provides technicians with a diagnostic tool that helps them to get the job done.  

With APOLLO-D9 there’s no more hunting through forums, endlessly searching to find the right answers or wondering which fix is the right one for the job at hand. APOLLO-Ddelivers everything that technicians need and nothing that they don’t. APOLLO-D9 gives technicians access to Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics for filtered codes and vehicle specific data that is constantly updated to help them make quick and confident repairs to get their customers back on the road. 

 APOLLO-D9 provides a diagnostic solution that gives technicians the confidence that they have the right scan tool with the right support to get to the right fix and fast. Here is what technicians get with APOLLO-D9: 


Developed specifically for the garage environment, APOLLO-D9 features a sleek, sophisticated design, with a four-way thumb pad for quick navigation, a nine-inch capacitive color touchscreen display for improved readability and 5 GHz wireless compatibility for more productivity in the garage. It also provides fast boot up as well as one-touch code scan and clear, letting technicians move quickly from start to print.   

Experience-based Software 

Working smarter means getting answers faster than ever without unnecessary information stealing focus from the job at hand. Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics on the APOLLO-Dsimplifies the technician’s workflow with access to SureTrack®, a patented resource for verified parts replacement records, and Real Fixes that are harvested from millions of successful repairs. Technicians also have access to common procedures along with patented Smart Data for relevant vehicle and code-specific PIDs with known good values. 


APOLLO-D9 offers advanced graphing features and manufacturer-level data, along with access to Manufacturer specific coverage for more than 100 vehicle systems related to nearly 40 manufacturers, and instant vehicle identification for most 2008 and newer vehicles. It also features up to eight live data parameters on screen at a time and records all data, all the time for easy switching to view alternate PIDs. Plus, APOLLO-D9 includes one-click access to relevant vehicle- and code-specific technical service bulletins (TSB), and comprehensive and detailed functional tests.   

Customer Support 

APOLLO-D9 comes with support from Snap-on Customer Care, plus 24/7 online training and support, industry-focused national online training, flexible financing and exclusive access to the Snap-on Cloud.  

To learn more about APOLLO-D9 or any of the Snap-on diagnostic solutions, talk to a Franchisee or other sales representative, or visit