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Sailun Test Drive at the Nürburgring

As part of a true motorsport festival, global tyre company Sailun held an exclusive event at and around the Nürburgring in early September. The event, specially put on by Sailun, was dedicated to a test of the new generation of passenger car tyres, Atrezzo 4SEASONS PRO and Atrezzo ZSR2. Two tyres that, thanks to the innovative EcoPoint3 technology, have been setting new standards in the industry since their debut. The 25 participants praised above all the “very good deceleration and lateral control on wet and dry surfaces” as well as the “high safety reserves”. Stephan Cimbal, Director Marketing Sailun Europe, emphasized after three exciting days: “We are very pleased that our new tyre generations not only scored positively with proven experts. During this event, we were also able to convince end consumers, media representatives and motorsport enthusiasts of the reliability and performance of our new tyre generation. Having everyone test together was a new and exciting experience for the participants, because different perspectives, perceptions and priorities complement each other in this way.”

For the 25 participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, the conditions were ideal on the weekend of September 7-9, 2023, at the Test Event Area at the Mendig airfield, located in the hilly region of the Eastern Eifel. Summer temperatures and dry weather also created ideal conditions, thanks to exclusive track rental including a special instructor and service crew that ensured the readiness of the Sailun tyre test fleet consisting of VW Golf GTI, VW Golf R as well as BMW M240i xDrive, BMW M2 and Renault Clio RS with special course set-up. The tyre tests, which were conducted on both dry and wet asphalt, demanded high quality and durability from the tyre material. The new Sailun tyre generations also convinced the participants with their low rolling resistance, which significantly reduces fuel consumption compared to competitors in the international tyre industry. In addition, it turned out that the optimised treads as well as revised structures of the latest EcoPoint3 tyre generations decisively contribute to the reduction of rolling noise, shorter braking distances, better grip on dry as well as wet road surfaces, and improved cornering stability.

The test and experience program also included two trips on public country roads in the vicinity of the Nürburgring to experience the tyres under “real” conditions. Corresponding technical presentations on EcoPoint3 technology and the Sailun group of companies rounded off the test program. Afterwards, the participants still had the opportunity to experience the Red Bull Formula Nürburgring as VIPs, to visit the starting grid of the 12h race and to look behind the scenes of the elaborate live production of Nü A virtual race on the eSports simulator with Sailun cars was also on the agenda..

Stephan Cimbal, Director Marketing Sailun Europe, clearly outlined the goals and ambitions of the Sailun brand, which now ranks 12th among global tyre groups. The innovative rubber compound developed by the Sailun Group based on EcoPoint3 technology has been used in new tyre generations since 2022. This energy-efficient “liquid phase mixing technology” will continue to serve as the basis for the production of all new Sailun tyre generations with a clear premium claim at attractive prices. “How resistant a tyre is to abrasion is highly dependent on the rubber compound used. For example, the Atrezzo 4SEASONS PRO offers a reduction in rolling resistance thanks to the EcoPoint3 rubber compound and its substructure, guaranteeing safety, performance and energy efficiency in all weather conditions.” In addition, he highlighted that the EV sizes of Sailun all-season tyres in particular have a reinforced tread carcass that helps the tyre in terms of torque from EVs when starting or braking, helping to improve overall handling and cornering precision.

The latest generation of the Atrezzo ZSR2 was also in focus at the airfield in Mendig. In the tests, the asymmetric tread pattern and the improved EcoPoint3 rubber compound provided excellent grip on wet and dry roads, improved downforce, and first-class cornering and handling at high speeds. Added to this are the superior wet grip properties and minimal abrasion.