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Sailun Starts “Road to Cologne 2024“ Journey Through Europe

The performance of tyres for conventional and alternative drive systems is becoming increasingly important not only in Europe, but also globally. The Sailun Group, which is one of the top 12 tyre manufacturers in the world, has great ambitions in the run-up to The Tire Cologne, the leading international trade fair taking place in Cologne from 4 to 6 June 2024. This is reason enough to break new, innovative ground. Sailun Europe is therefore going the extra mile. For the first time, six key markets will be visited during the ‘Road To Cologne 2024’ tour schedule. The aim is to bring the potential of the Sailun tyre range with the latest EcoPoint3 technology even closer to the European dealer network on site. With a wide variety of electric, hybrid and thermal car models showcasing the broad range of the latest Sailun tyre generations, the tour will run through Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Spain and the UK. Key partners in the respective markets will also be part of the roadshow as well as country-specific sights and local specialities. The stories will be shared on social media, in the local markets and in content produced for the Tire Cologne show. “A special, compact but no less demanding tour with many stops and stopovers at dealers in our important European core markets. We are particularly keen to offer our local partners the opportunity to not only get an idea of the latest range of tyres and their specific characteristics on site in the markets, but also to enter into a direct dialogue with them and making them an integral part of our story“, emphasised Stephan Cimbal, Marketing Director Sailun Europe, at the start of the tour. The five-week ‘Road To Cologne’ is intended to help consolidate and further expand Sailun’s premium status in the European core markets.

With the ‘Road To Cologne 2024’ finishing with one of the cars directly on the stage at the show, Sailun wants to underline its ambitions for the Sailun Group, which is now already one of the top 12 tyre manufacturers in the world.

The latest generations of PCR and TBR and specialty products, up to 20 new models will be presented to the international media and customer base. In addition a brand new development and approach for EVs and hybrids will also be seen for the first time in Europe. “We always compete with a clear premium claim in all areas and thus guarantee the right performance in all weather and road conditions in addition to safety, control and energy efficiency. It is important for us to make it clear that behind every new SAILUN tyre there is always an inspiring story that tells of how our belief in innovation helps to turn visions into reality“. says Stephan Cimbal. “Our purpose is: Make great tyres – that’s why we see ourselves as ambassadors in the field of tyre innovation and are convinced that our quest for constant improvement of tyre technology can overcome the limits of what is possible today. And there is another aspect based on consumer insights that we must not forget when thinking about making great tyres, that we will share at Tire Cologne 2024“.