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RONAL GROUP Presents the First CO2-Reduced RONAL Motorsport Wheel

The RONAL GROUP is not only well known as an innovation and technology leader, but has also been strongly committed to sustainability for several years. With the RONAL Motorsport RM1, the company presents the first CO2-reduced wheel specially developed for use on the race track. This season not just one team but two teams will be using the new RONAL Racing wheels to compete in the AT class at the Nürburgring.

At the end of 2019 the RONAL GROUP launched the RONAL R70-blue, the world’s first CO2-neutral wheel for road use, bringing the entire aftermarket range to a sustainable level. Following on from this, the company has now gone one step further. The first sustainable racing wheel not approved for road use has been developed under the RONAL brand. The RONAL Motorsport RM1 is the first RONAL GROUP motorsport wheel produced using secondary material.

“We already ensure that we conserve resources when sourcing materials and that we reduce emissions by using recycled aluminum,” says Oliver Brauner, CEO of RONAL GROUP. This is why the new RONAL RM1 is made of 70% secondary aluminum and only 30% primary aluminum – saving around 50% CO2 compared to the average European wheel. This change in composition has no effect on the character of the wheel: “The RM1 is a dynamic, slender profile sports wheel that is lightweight yet strong – precisely geared to the special stresses inherent in motorsport applications.”

Two racing teams competing in the AT class for alternative fuels at the Nürburgring have also discovered these advantages for themselves. The RONAL GROUP has already been supporting Germany’s first sustainable racing team Four Motors since 2021; now this year RONAL GROUP is equipping their Bioconcept-Cars with the innovative RM1. Because of its special motorsport design, the RM1 from the RONAL GROUP offers a saving of more than 6 kg in vehicle weight in comparison to conventional wheels. “We are looking forward to testing the new RONAL Racing wheels this season,” says Thomas von Löwis, Four Motors team principal. “The design is specially geared to the needs of motorsport; not only does the recycled aluminum content give the wheel the edge in terms of environmental performance, it also makes the wheel particularly lightweight. For our drivers, this means that they need to brake less heavily. That in turn means less wear on the tyres, and lower fuel consumption.” The characteristics of the new RONAL Motorsport RM1 have also convinced racer Tim Schrick from Team Roots Racing.

Another point in its favour: When we have finished using the wheels we return them all to the RONAL GROUP where they are recycled in the spirit of the circular economy.

The new RONAL Motorsport RM1 wheels have already been used by both Four Motors and Tim Schrick at the NLS2 on the first weekend in April. Whilst the Bioconcept-Cars are equipped with 18-inch wheels in Racing Grey, Tim Schrick’s Subaru also uses the 18-inch variant – but in Racing Gold. Over the course of the season, the two teams both want to prove that sustainable high-end products can also hold their own on the world’s toughest race track.