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Ravaglioli – Partnering ISN Garage Assist with Premium Garage Equipment

Whilst most people will automatically associate ISN Garage Assist with their longstanding, and hugely important brands such as Hofmann Megaplan or Cascos, there is another notable garage equipment name that also represents an important partner, Italian manufacturer Ravaglioli – better known nowadays by their shortened ‘Rav’ monikor.

Manufacturing a whole range of garage equipment distributed across the World, Rav are particularly renowned for their lifting range, but are also a market leader in alignment technology from their specialist ‘Space’ division.

Unlike most Rav distributors, who tend to sell ‘off the shelf’ product, at ISN Garage Assist they work closely with the factory to develop more bespoke products. One example of this is the Balco ‘i-lign’ CCD and 3D wheel alignment range, launched last month at the Automechanika exhibition. The i-Lign series uses a portable, magnetic tablet for its readings as opposed to a traditional monitor, enabling the operator to work in full view of live data anywhere around the vehicle. Boasting speedy, precision-engineered 3-point clamps for mounting the heads or targets, i-ligns use a cable-free and space-saving portable trolley, making them perfect for multiple bay applications or where space is at a premium.

Other products manufactured for ISN Garage Assist by Rav include ATL lifts, which are available in both 4 post or scissor configuration.

By working with the best partners for differing categories of garage equipment, ISN are able to ensure that all budgets and requirements are met, and projects such as ‘turnkey’ are completed with better choice for the customer and tailored to the particular application.

For more information follow them on social or the web and contact them on 01480 891011 or via email