Reviewing the early positioning of sell-out prices in the market, reveals that the first two months of 2018 are yet to establish a clear/ consistent trend.

Encircle showed us their telephone data and excluded any internet channel information, to purely focus on what is happening in the true marketplace.

As reported by TTN late last year, 2017 was a year of growth across all Channels albeit still below sell-out levels seen in 2015, prior to the market erosion experienced in all sectors.

Comparing then February and January performance to December shows some Channels to be up and some to be conversely down.

Encircle’s data monitors the sell-out position across all levels of the market from single trading locations through to national chains. They make a representative sample of calling month upon month to approx. 4,000 outlets on 70 dimensions and then monitor the price by retailer/ channel/ size/ brand/ region etc. etc.

Looking purely by Chanel, so not give too much away, and Local Independents overall price average rose by 1.24% in January (compared to December) and in February was up 0.15% (compared to January). At the same time, Regions were marginally up 0.46% in January but down 1.21% in February.

Car Dealers showed the most significant variation overall, up 1.75% in January but subsequently down 2.98% in February.

Autocentres continued the growth seen in 2017, with a 0.35% followed by a more significant 1.39% and finally, the National Fast Fits were down 0.46% in January followed by a slight growth of 0.29% in February.

Obviously only 2 months in, it’s too early to make firm conclusions as to where prices are going this year.