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Point S Winter Tyre Impresses in TÜV SÜD Product Service Benchmark Testing

Point S, the world’s leading independent tyre dealer and car maintenance network, has announced that third-party testing of its Winter tyre has produced excellent results.

The testing was undertaken by independent technical testing organisation, TÜV SÜD Product Service, and examined the safety, comfort and performance of the product. The company is renowned across the world for its trusted insight into the quality of products and brands. Similar testing was undertaken for the Point S Summer tyre in 2021.

The Point S Winter tyre was examined extensively by TÜV SÜD Product Service’s highly experienced test engineers, with tests conducted to assess its performance, safety and efficiency.[1]

Throughout the testing, the Point S Winter tyre was benchmarked against a budget tyre, two competing Tier 2 brand tyres and a premium tyre. The test results show that the Point S Winter tyre performed better than the budget and Tier 2 products, and even outperformed the premium product across the tested criteria.

With the tests measuring each tyre’s wet performance, snow performance, and rolling resistance, the Point S Winter tyre achieved the best results across tests for wet braking, wet handling, snow braking, and rolling resistance.

International Private Label Product Manager at Point S Development, Emilie Faure, said: “Following the successful testing of the Point S Summer tyre, we were eager to continue to work with TÜV SÜD Product Service to showcase our Point S Winter tyre. Once again, we have the third-party test data to demonstrate the outstanding quality of our tyres, and we have no doubt that this will assure our global customers and business partners that we have produced a safe and comfortable winter solution.”

Fabien Bouquet, CEO of the International Point S Group, added: “Winter climates often provide drivers with difficult driving conditions, and with this in mind, we have sought to provide the market with a safe, comfortable, economical and high-quality product. The results of TÜV SÜD Product Service’s testing have proven that we have succeeded in our mission, giving drivers the option of a safe and economical tyre that operates at a premium level of performance.”

Produced exclusively for the Point S network, Point S Winter tyres are developed, tested, and manufactured in Europe. Available for customers in various countries across the European market, the range consists of the Point S Winter tyre and the Winterstar 4 Van.

The Point S Winter tyre has been developed to offer customers improved safety and efficiency than the previous model, the Winterstar 4. Improvements made to Point S’ Winter tyre include reduced rolling resistance, and enhanced snow handling, snow traction, wet performance, and dry performance.

The new range emphasises Point S’s commitment to ensuring the safety of its customers at a premium level of performance and quality at a competitive price.