Pirelli Raise Awareness of Barcode Modification

Pirelli is actively taking steps to ensure product barcodes are not modified or tampered with in the delivery process.

All of Pirelli’s CAR, 4×4 SUV and VAN-branded tyres feature an important barcode, imprinted during the production stage, containing significant information to identify and trace the products.

The safety of Pirelli’s customers is paramount and the information contained within the barcodes plays a crucial role in tracing the product’s journey in necessary circumstances such as product recall or product safety regulations.

Pirelli is keen to raise awareness to the trade of tyres being offered with the barcodes partially or fully removed, or made illegible. The alteration and modification of these barcodes is not authorised by Pirelli, under any circumstances.

Pirelli is therefore strongly recommending to its partners and dealers to not trade any Pirelli tyres where the barcode has been removed, altered or made illegible (either fully or partially).

As the Pirelli brand and products have always and continue to be synonymous with quality and safety, it is vital that Pirelli continue to raise awareness of this activity and undertake the appropriate actions to protect the end-users of Pirelli products.