Pirelli Launches New Digital Training For Tyre Dealers And The Salesforce

Pirelli’s training activities never stop, and now an important innovation has been introduced. With the Covid-19 pandemic putting everyday life on hold, Pirelli has launched a new package of virtual training initiatives for its dealers and their salesforce. From mid-March, tyre dealers and Pirelli employees have been able to take part in new online training sessions, adding to the existing technical e-learning programme from Tyrecampus and Pirelli’s own internal Commercial Academy. The goal is to construct a new way of working with customers, which will to some extent shape how the tyre market works in future.


This new initiative aimed at tyre dealers will feature an interactive email sent out every week with content focussed on the best commercial strategies to keep customers loyal during lockdown, more details on the characteristics of the latest Pirelli tyre range, activities to highlight Pirelli campaigns (such as sustainability, natural rubber supply chains, and brand value) as well as new processes to streamline sales and service management.

Thanks to the use of different digital communications channels such as email, the B2B site, the e-learning platform, webinars, and virtual meetings, a number of different articles, manuals, interviews, video tutorials and technical courses are at the disposal of both car and moto tyre dealers. This will allow them to undertake training activities whenever they like by connecting remotely. These materials are available in the native languages of all the major countries where Pirelli is present, starting in Italy and then moving on to the rest of Europe, as well as America and Russia. In 2019, Pirelli’s e-learning initiatives involved around 6000 tyre dealers around the world, thanks to a multilingual interactive programme.


For the salesforce and all other staff working in the commercial department, there are five digital marketing and client management webinars available. These make it possible to maximise digital opportunities for client interaction even during the current restrictions, with the objective of building a new working relationship when business activities fully resume.

Mattia Bussacchini, Pirelli’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations, said: “We think it’s important to offer our colleagues and dealers digital tools that will be useful even in the current situation. The use of the most modern and innovative communications methods is a something in which Pirelli has always invested and shared with its commercial partners. This new initiative will allow staff working in sales, as well as tyre dealers, to discover new ways of promoting our products and doing business digitally, reinforcing the relationship with customers and offering a better service.”