Pirelli is proud to become a sponsor of CicLAvia’s 2019 inaugural event, Culver City Meets Mar Vista + Palms in Los Angeles, CA. With dedication to the future of mobility for both sustainability and safety, Pirelli is pleased to host a programmatic element during the CicLAvia event on March 3, 2019. With more than 50,000 people expected to attend, this event connects people to each other, creating a sense of belonging and community within Los Angeles through large-scale, public, car-free open street events. CicLAvia promotes personal and collective change and inspires a shared passion of the Los Angeles region by cultivating shared responsibility in creating the region’s future. Pirelli is a leading manufacturer of both vehicle and cycling tires around the world, and with CicLAvia it shares the goal of creating a safer and more inclusive space for all users of transportation and roadways. At the event, Pirelli will show its dedication to sustainable mobility by continuing to increase the dialogue between different stakeholders, from the institutions, to the inhabitants, to the private sector. This message is focused around the importance of identifying main issues related to urban mobility – for example special lanes for public transport, as well as the spread of active mobility solutions such as bicycle lanes within the city limits. Pirelli believes the bicycle will have a central role to play in helping traffic management and future mobility.

Cycl-e: the bike tire that changes your approach to city living

Mobility solutions in this new age are changing and Pirelli dedicated its energy to a new line of electric bicycle tires, Cycl-e, to ensure more sustainable transportation solutions in city areas jammed with traffic and autonomous vehicles and public transport. Increasing the number of services and infrastructures dedicated to the bike, seen as an efficient method for urban transport, is leading to growing numbers of bike users and bike-friendly cities and urban routes within cities. The new tire offers maximum puncture resistance and the handling and the reliability of a motorcycle tire, thanks to its patented profile that’s the result of Pirelli’s experience in the motorbike sector. The catalyst of this new product development was the increase of the number of bike users and platforms of bike sharing, in which the brand of Milan saw an opportunity to transfer its experience in innovation and technology, still maintaining its renowned vision regarding safety and performance.

Cycl-e is a product of Pirelli’s engagement in the sustainable mobility sector, where the company is also active in the automotive field and of Pirelli’s ‘tailor-made’ strategy that can build a complete product line customized according to the needs and the style of the user.

Five different Cycl-e tires:

• Granturismo

Cycl-e GT is a tire born to intensify the dynamic characteristics of sports ride that are typical of its motorised equivalents, a market in which Pirelli is the leader. Perfect in city traffic, it is ideal for the modern and higher performing e-Bikes.

• Downtown and Downtown Sport

Cycl-e DT and DT Sport are dedicated to mainly urban use, where smoothness, maximum road hold on any surface and climate, together with uncompromising reliability are essential characteristics.

• Crossterrain and Crossterrain Sport

Cycl-e XT and Cycl-e XT-Sport are tires born to benefit the reliability and safety of the Pirelli tires, even on unpaved roads, to extend the pleasure of using the electric bicycle outside of the city limits.