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Pirelli and BMW Partner for New P Zero Winter 2

Pirelli and the BMW Group have worked together to unveil new 20-inch P Zero Winter 2 tyres for the BMW 7 Series which focus on range capabilities, thanks to its “A class” European labelling for rolling resistance.

This collaborative effort sets a new benchmark especially for all-electric vehicle tyres, offering drivers an exceptional driving experience with extended range, uncompromised comfort, and outstanding performance in winter conditions on different surfaces.

All tyres at the BMW Group are developed specifically for BMW models in accordance with the highest quality and technology standards and therefore get the BMW specific Star-Mark as a seal of approval. This ensures that tyres on models of the BMW Group meet the stringent requirements set by BMW, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety. This is in line with Pirelli’s Perfect Fit strategy, which aims to develop specific tyres for the cars to be equipped with.

Compared to summer tyres, winter tyres impact the car’s range due to a higher rolling resistance because of their compounds and tread pattern designed to offer grip on snowy and wet cold asphalt. The rolling resistance of a tyre describes the force required for rolling motion, directly influencing the range of a vehicle. The new 20-inch development in collaboration with Pirelli compensates for these disadvantages resulting in an extended range up to 50km for the all-electric BMW 7 Series in comparison to a standard winter tyre. The technological advancements in the Pirelli P Zero Winter 2 can be attributed to significant breakthroughs, particularly in the areas of tread pattern and tread compound.

This new development from Pirelli and the BMW Group is aligned with their sustainability goals by using renewable materials wherever technically appropriate and reducing the CO2 footprint of their plants. This partnership showcases the shared vision of Pirelli and the BMW Group for environmentally conscious mobility and their dedication to further push the limits of tyre technology. The tyre will be available for the BMW 7 Series starting from August 2024. The goal is to roll out this new technology to other future BMW models, starting next with the new BMW X3 in the second half of 2024.