PCL Releases New Higher Torque Impact Wrench

PCL’s drive to maximise its product range potential continues with the release of a new heavy duty 1/2″ impact wrench boasting an impressive torque of 1400Nm.

Housed in a durable composite casing with forward and reverse modes, the APP210S features a high-performance twin hammer mechanism. Weighing 2.1kg with a 1/4″ air inlet, the impact wrench is designed for safe and comfortable use, with speed adjustment and a non-slip, soft grip rubber handle for protection against the cold compressed air.

Despite reaching a speed of 7000RPM, this robust impact wrench benefits from low noise and vibration. Meanwhile its stylish design with the classic blue and grey PCL branding makes it a professional-looking addition to the workshop.

This is a sturdy, user-friendly product that would suit both apprentices and experienced engineers alike, and is priced competitively to provide our customers with optimum value for money.

A new addition to PCL’s Prestige range of air tools, the APP210S has been sourced by Assistant Product Manager, Jodie Mitchell, who was brought on board last year to review and improve the current product range.

Jodie said: “As a leading global distributor of innovative tyre inflation and compressed air products, it is vital that PCL continues to grow and expand its product portfolio in line with customers’ evolving needs at affordable price points. I have selected the new impact wrench as a result of extensive research on market reach and requirements to identify the highest calibre of air tool meeting the precise fit required.

“The APP210S ticks all the right boxes and, following live testing at our onsite engineering facility in Sheffield, I am confident it is a worthy addition to our portfolio, matching PCL’s exacting standards for quality and performance.”

The new APP210S is available online and via PCL’s distributors in the UK and worldwide, alongside the current, comprehensive range of impact wrenches.