Omni United and Radar Tyres Support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)

Omni United, through its flagship brand, Radar Tyres announced that it will continue supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world. The announcement comes as October marks the start of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Omni United has been supporting BCRF since 2011. Over the years it has donated $1.4 million to BCRF, which has fuelled 28,000 hours of critical, lifesaving research.

“With 2022 being another year of uncertainties, impacting many in different ways, we have remained committed to our long-term partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and will continue to support them in their mission of preventing and curing breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research. We are proud of the exceptional work that BCRF is doing and are thankful for the support of our customers, distributors and external partners who have actively supported us in this cause over all these years.” said GS Sareen, President and CEO, Omni United.

Omni United has always believed in giving back to society and its association with BCRF started back in 2011. Back then the company wanted to bring a primarily female related cause to the male dominated tyre industry. Over the 11 years of support, Omni United, through its flagship brand Radar, has funded thousands of hours of critical lifesaving research and in addition has also taken up many initiatives to help create awareness of this cause and bring BCRF’s mission to its community. Some of these include engaging with the dealers at a local level to create awareness and raise funds for this cause, providing in-store displays and awareness material to the customers and many more. In 2022, Radar Tyres is supporting over 1,000 hours of critical life-saving research.

Radar Tyres is a design-driven brand, offering safety, performance and sustainability for all. The brand’s mission is to make premium vehicle ownership accessible to all, by offering fitments with a unique combination of technology and sustainability, designed and engineered without compromise. Distributed in over 50 countries, Radar Tyres offers a wide selection of patterns, fitments and performance attributes.

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