Nordexx Premiers Two New Tyre Series at The Tire Cologne

The Danish-owned private-label brand, Nordexx, will launch two new tyre product series at The Tire Cologne as part of ambitious growth plans in the global markets.

Since Nordexx was established by the NDI Group in Denmark in 1998 as a private-label brand by the Nordic tyre company, the NDI Group, the brand has been under a transformation.

“Since we began, we have expanded our product range quite significantly along with our growth on the global market, offering our customers worldwide a reasonable quality at an affordable price and quality and support from our export specialists in Denmark. Now we are ready to take the next steps, and we are very happy to reveal two new product series from Nordexx to the global tyre industry at the perfect occasion – The Tire Cologne,” says Jens Jakob Velasco Hansen, communication manager at the NDI Group.

European quality
According to Carsten Andersen, export manager in the agricultural and industrial tyre division at the NDI Group in Denmark, the two new products from Nordexx – a new series of tyres for trucks and a new tyre range for industrial machinery – will set new standards for the quality that customers can expect from the brand.

“Our new series, Nordexx OTR, has been developed and produced with quality as an important focus area. Therefore, we also chose to start from scratch when developing the tyres, so we could raise our standards beginning from the first prototype,” he says and continues:

“So we have high expectations of our new products constructed according to the quality demands of the European market. We believe there is a significant potential for the tyre on the global market, and we look very much forward to showing the tyres at The Tire Cologne, finally meeting with our colleagues from the industry again, and finding new collaboration partners and distributors around the world.”