NEXEN TIRE Supplies Two New OE Tyres for Hyundai Ioniq 6

NEXEN TIRE, a leading global tyre manufacturer, today announced that it is providing two of its original equipment, the N’FERA AU7 EV and the N’FERA SPORT EV tyres for the new Hyundai Ioniq 6.

With its sleek design and world class aerodynamic performance, the Ioniq 6 can achieved a range of more than 500 kilometers per charge. Additionally, it displays a range of lighting technologies that communicate with vehicles and people, including dual-color ambient mood lamps, flexible and comfortable indoor spaces, and interactive pixel lights. Not only that, it uses a 400V/800V multi-fast charging system and V2L functionality in addition to offering dynamic driving performance, cutting-edge safety and convenience specifications.

NEXEN TIRE’s N’FERA AU7 EV, which is supplied for the new Ioniq 6, is a premium allseason tyre that provides excellent braking power and comfort in various climate conditions and road conditions. By applying an optimized compound, fuel economy and wear performance are significantly improved. In particular, noise is reduced by optimizing the arrangement between pattern blocks and applying multi-sequence using A.I. big data to enhance the low-noise design, which is the main requirement of electric vehicles.

The N’FERA Sport EV tyre offers good performance on both wet and dry roads while securing the best drainage space. It also improves braking performance on wet roads by increasing rigidity through the use of block deformation prevention technology applied to the tyre’s lateral grooves. High-speed driving stability and handling performance have been greatly enhanced through pattern design optimization, and grip and braking power have been increased by using grip-specific compound.

Both products have been developed to distribute the stiffness ratio of each block of the pattern as evenly as possible and to maximize the area of contact with the road surface in order to prevent wheel slip that may be caused by the high load and torque of the electric vehicle. In order to significantly lessen resonance sounds made while driving, the interior of the tyre has also been completely lined with ring-type sound absorption materials. These materials perform exceptionally well in terms of sound absorption.