NEXEN TIRE Europe is Raising its Prices for the Entire Product Range

The global tyre manufacturer NEXEN TIRE has announced that due to rising raw material prices as well as freight and logistics costs, the prices for all company brands in the replacement market have to be adjusted.

The prices for all the company’s summer, winter and all-season tyre product lines on the European market, including UK and Turkey and Russia, will be increased and adjustment of prices will be effective on 1st Feb 2022.

The increased raw material costs and the sharp rise in logistics costs are forcing the tyre industry to raise its prices,” explains DC Kim, Vice President of Europe Sales & Marketing, NEXEN TIRE Europe s.r.o..

“Through continuous increases in efficiency, NEXEN TIRE continues to strive worldwide to minimise the effects of rising costs on the prices of its tyres and to keep offering its customers the best price/performance ratio on the market in future,” says DC Kim.