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New Tyre Bay Package from Tecalemit

To celebrate their centenary, Tecalemit Garage Equipment has produced a new tyre bay package available through Tecalemit distributors. Building on their proven TIRO machines, these new TIRO PLUS models are packed full of features often only found on more expensive equipment.

Tecalemit’s new TIRO PLUS Tyre Changer benefits from a clamping range of 10” – 26” to allow it to handle most tyre and wheel combinations. The tyre changer also features an Assist System with three operating arms. These arms will enable the operator to effortlessly change all types of tyres, including run-flats and low-profile ones.

Their new wheel balancer features an internal data entry arm to enter wheel sizes automatically. It also benefits from a Wheel Data Memory to store common tyre and wheel combinations. The TIRO PLUS Wheel Balancer includes automatic wheel rotation and positioning via ‘One-touch’ operation for faster weight placement.

This new TIRO PLUS tyre bay package from Tecalemit is ideal for any garage or workshop looking for affordable equipment with premium features. With its high-quality construction and proven design, the TIRO PLUS really is the right tyre bay package for the modern workshop. To discover more about Tecalemit’s range of tyre changing equipment, visit their website at or call them on 01752 219111.