New Innovations for New and Existing Markets from TMG

After a long four year wait due to the Covid Pandemic, Techno Marketing Group (TMG) returned to the Automechanika Show 2022 at Frankfurt in September as exhibitors to showcase their various technologically advanced range of products and brands alongside the innovative developments that have been achieved since the last event in 2018. TMG is globally recognised as industry leading experts in (mobile) wheel servicing, battery service and Ergonomic Handling Products.

One of the highlights on the TMG booth was the ecube Generation 4 mobile tyre service unit. Constant demonstrations attracted different types of groups. New service fleet owners gathered, traditional workshops were impressed. Besides the ecube machine, a brand new ‘mobile energy’ Powerbox unit was released at the show. The original Powerbox that supplies the ecube service unit has been transformed into a stand-alone unit available for all markets due to its modular design. The system can be expanded in both ways of capacity and power ensuring  the customer requirements can always be fulfilled.

Rory Bouman, Executive Assistant at TMG, points out that the Battery box has a standard 5,2kWh capacity which can be put in line with up to 15 battery boxes currently. The product is 100% designed, developed and produced in The Netherlands.

With a choice of outputs like an Type 2 EV outlet, the new Powerbox is expected to become available in the market by the end of this year and replace the existing Powerbox facility which is much heavier and difficult to carry around. The best part? It fully recharges itself though DC/DC, solar panels or within 1 hour through AC charging. Besides ecube, the new Jack The Mech line from Winntec created some interesting enquiries throughout the week.

The All-in-one JTM 200010 Mobile Air and Energy Station offers a swift one-hour recharge facility along with a battery performance capacity of 55.5Wh Lithium-Ion and peak current up to 2000A. Whilst the JTM floor Jack-the-Mech offers an impressive selection of features and benefits including a dual piston pump to guarantee easy lifting, a rugged universal joint and wide front wheels that enables precise and efficient load control plus a two piece fully detachable handle. The product also provides a highly flexible 130mm to 470mm lifting range and has a heavy steel construction.

Ralph Dubbeldam, Managing Director of TMG says, “Using the show to present and demonstrate all our latest products from ecube, Winntec and Gaither Tool was a most welcome experience after four years. A lot of constructive interest was generated for all our products. It seems that different countries than were originally anticipated including some in the African and Asian continent are ready for ecube & mobile service. There is no doubt that TMG is becoming an increasingly well-known brand in the automotive product market.” We met our customers, end-users of our products and interesting new prospects.

Taking everything into consideration, TMG felt it was a highly successful return to the automotive show scene and the perfect platform for the resurgence of the industry post-Covid!

For more technical information about TMG’s ecube, Winntec  and Gaither Tool products contact Ralph Dubbeldam on +31 (0) 165 394018 or email