Giti Tire hosted over 15 independent garages at its latest GT Radial Performance Centre (GTPC) new dealer training events at Horiba MIRA, with all of the companies attending signed up since the start of the year.

Working in partnership with exclusive UK distributor Micheldever Tyre Services, the mornings consisted of presentations examining Giti’s global history and operations, the GT Radial product portfolio, the company’s R&D Centre in Germany and Technical Centre at Horiba MIRA as well as sales and marketing support.

The afternoons moved onto Horiba MIRA’s world-class tracks and testing facilities where attendees experienced wet handling, wet braking, aquaplaning simulations and high-speed laps of up to 150mph.

Alan Baldwin, Sales Director at Micheldever Tyre Services, said: “As a world leading tyre manufacturer, Giti Tire has the resources, European test credentials and research and development facilities to host fantastic, comprehensive new dealer training events. They clearly demonstrate the professionalism and credentials of the GT Radial UK operation.

“No other Far East brand has a technical centre based at Horiba MIRA and in the UK this fact alone goes a long way to prove the resources and quality of tyres available to GTPCs. This is all backed up by an extremely experienced and knowledgeable team which excels in sales and marketing and customer service.”

Brian McDermott, Sales and Marketing Director – Europe for Passenger Car and Light Truck (PCR) and Country Manager – UK for Giti Tire, added: “It was pleasure to welcome so many new dealers to our family and show the true strength of GT Radial as a solid mid-market proposition.

“We sent them home with complete confidence in the quality of our tyres, safe in the knowledge that there is a support structure in place that is designed to improve sales and boost their income. We have commenced relationships which will last for many years to come.”