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moveero Launches Profi-Tuff Wheel Range

moveero has launched a new range of high-performance, high-quality wheels specifically to meet the demanding requirements of the forestry sector. The new Profi-Tuff range draws on the company’s wealth of expertise in other industries, where OEMs and end users in agriculture, construction, mining, and container handling industries all benefit from moveero’s years of experience.

Each industry has its own specific needs, with the unique requirements of the forestry sector calling for dedicated machinery with high stability, high power and dependable performance. This in turn means that bespoke wheels are required to accommodate the rugged and challenging terrain they work in, and the demanding pulling and braking forces that are required.

John Madsen, Engineering Director at moveero, said: “Although we have supplied wheels into the forestry sector in the past, Profi-Tuff is a new, focused range. We have designed a range of dedicated products that will better meet the needs of customers, with proven products that are fit for purpose.”

Designed using state-of-the-art finite element analysis, performance data and extensive laboratory, field and OEM testing equipment, the Profi-Tuff range has been verified to provide complete assurance of safety, quality, strength, reliability and durability.

Profi-Tuff’s rim profiles have been designed for optimum strength, with the rim being more than 16% thicker than any other products on the market and its signature feature of 90 degree bent-over flanges, offering maximum stiffness and protection.

Profi-Tuff is available with steel rim flange rings, which offer additional protection for the rim and tyre sidewall on machines that run in extraordinarily harsh conditions.

The rims also feature bespoke knurling, which combined with the 90-degree bent-over flange design, helps to prevent tyre slippage, a critical requirement in undulating and harsh forest environments.  Finally, moveero applies its industry-leading paint finish to each wheel, a vital element in the whole manufacturing process, which provides protection for the wheel in harsh operating conditions. For the paint finish, different paint masking solutions are offered, to ensure optimum torque transfer between axle/hub and wheel, and between tyre and rim.

With width sizes ranging from 18” to 28” and diameters from 22.50” to 38”, the rims are suitable for a wide range of equipment: from heavy-duty forestry tractors, skidders, harvesters and forwarders. The new 30.5” diameter Profi-Tuff range has been designed to work with tyre sizes in the forestry sector, and later in 2023 moveero will be launching another new size to add to the range.

John Madsen continued: “Our new Profi-Tuff range provides the perfect solution for forestry machinery manufacturers and operators. Maximising traction and minimising tyre slippage, our products provide reliability in terms of high quality, finish, durability, manoeuvrability, and stability. All of which help to maximise operator comfort.”

moveero will be showcasing its Profi-Tuff wheel, along with other wheel solutions designed for forestry machinery, at the Swedish Forestry Expo, taking place in Solvalla, Sweden between June 1st and 3rd 2023.  Visit moveero at location S:18 s to find out more.