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Michelin’s CrossClimate+ has been named as the best all-season tyre after extensive independent testing by Auto Express. The publication tested eight all-season tyres – and concluded that the CrossClimate+ was ‘best suited to UK conditions’.

Auto Express says that the launch of the CrossClimate in 2015 ‘shook up the world of all-season tyres’, and that the CrossClimate+ builds on this with improved performance and durability.

‘In wet braking it needed 1.5 metres less than the next best,’ the report said, while in the dry it ‘took more than four metres less to stop’ than the nearest competitor.

It was quickest by almost two seconds around the handling track, where ‘it was precise, required much less lock and let us get on the accelerator earlier and harder’.

Jamie McWhir, car and 4×4 technical manager for Michelin in the UK, said: “We’re really pleased with these results. When the CrossClimate was launched more than two years ago we knew it was an ideal tyre for the UK, where winters tend to be wet with only occasional snow.

“The CrossClimate+ has gone even further across a whole range of performance criteria, which means there is no need to compromise in either the summer or the winter – and it delivers safety and comfort right down to the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm. It’s testament to our commitment to research and development and we’re very proud of it.