Massimo Tyres Roar at the Betfred Challenge Cup 2023 Quarter Final

In a thrilling display of sporting excellence and strategic marketing, Massimo Tyres made their presence felt during the Betfred Challenge Cup 2023 Quarter Final fixture between Hull and St Helens. While the drama was played out in front of over 8,000 lucky fans, there was also a large television audience as armchair sports fans around the country tuned in to the live broadcast on the BBC. Massimo Tyres utilised this prestigious platform to showcase the brand to the UK market.

The Betfred Challenge Cup is one of the most coveted tournaments in the world of rugby league, known for its fiercely competitive fixtures and intense rivalries. The 2023 Quarter Final clash between Hull and St Helens was no exception, with both teams giving their all to secure a spot in the semi-finals. In a full-blooded encounter between these two stalwarts of Rugby League, the sending off of Hull’s Josh Griffin at the half-way point seemed to swing all momentum in favour of Saints who went on to win the match.

A spokesperson from Massimo said, “As we look to grow the awareness of Massimo Tyres in the UK, there are few better avenues than advertising at large sporting events. The fact that this game was televised on the BBC, with the additional viewers and prestige that comes with that, meant that choosing this game between two great Rugby league sides was an easy decision for us.”

Since arriving in the UK in 2019, Massimo has gone on to be one of the most popular budget brands on the market offering high performance and great value for money. Through a network of carefully selected partners, the brand has steadily grown to this point where a carefully considered, strategic marketing plan has been brought into play.

“For many, this will be the first time they have seen the name Massimo tyres, but our future plans should ensure that it will not be the last.”

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