Marangoni Extends Footprint to North India

Marangoni Group, Italy, the Leading Global Retreading Specialist, that started its Franchising operations in India in mid-2018, has established its 1st Exclusive Franchisee in North India. Manoj Tyres, an existing retreader at Kanpur, one of the largest tyre markets in India in Uttar Pradesh (UP), was sourcing retreading material from two leading Indian retreading companies before switching exclusively to Marangoni India. A new greenfield facility at a new site has been commissioned with new equipment, including Marangoni’s Ringtreader RT920.

Keeping with the culture of India, where any new venture has to receive blessings from family elders, the inauguration was graced by Shri Jagmohan Agarwal, the father of Manoj Agarwal, proprietor of the firm, accompanied by Hemant Kaul, CEO, Marangoni – India. Speaking at the launch, Kaul said that in Manoj Tyres we have an experienced partner who understands the differentiation Marangoni brings to fleets compared to our competitors. Manoj Agarwal has a 3-decade long experience as a distributor of imported brands of new tyres, in tyre service through a CV wheel alignment centre and in tyre retreading. As new tyre technology advanced, he felt the need to ‘future-proof’ his business. After extensive due diligence, he zoomed in on Marangoni.

Commenting on this development, Vittorio Marangoni, President of Marangoni Group, said our long-term goal is to contribute through innovation to the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy in the tyre industry and we are very happy to find partners who embrace our philosophy because it means that they are visionary people who are ahead of the times.

Matthias Leppert, Chairman of the Board of Leader Rubber Company, added that Marangoni has embarked on a strategic project to develop the Indian market with its premium product “RINGTREAD”. The fast growing network of franchisees is confirming this approach and is showing that an important share of India’s replacement truck tyre market is appreciating the offer of a “RINGTREAD” retreaded tyre with performance like premium new tyres. Our franchisee partners offer fleets an economic saving on total costs of ownership level which is a “green” solution (circular economy) too.

He was joined by Brett Sproson, Managing Director, Leader Rubber Company, who said, “We welcome Manoj Tyres to the RINGTREAD family and with the exclusive offering of the premium RINGTREAD product, may this partnership grow from strength to strength.”

Earlier this year, Marangoni acquired 100% shareholding in the erstwhile JV company it had established in 2015, by bringing on board its wholly owned subsidiary, Leader Rubber Company (SA) Prop. Ltd, South Africa. The Indian subsidiary is now called Marangoni South Asia Private Limited (MASA) and has franchisees in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and now Uttar Pradesh. A few months back, MASA established its 1st Franchisee in Nepal as well.