Lassa Tyres is an ambitious worldwide brand that is  gearing up to grow further in international markets with its new product lines. Within the last year, Lassa Tyres has renewed its summer passenger tyres line up and  is getting ready to make its debut in this year’s Tire Cologne Exhibition with its first all season passenger tyre Multiways, the new generation passenger winter tyre Snoways 4, and the new generation SUV performance tyre Competus H/P 2. Lassa Tyres has reached nearly 6.000 sales points in almost 70 countries and  is continuing to progress further in international markets. In the past 3 years, Lassa Tyres has outperformed the average market growth both in European and non-European markets. In 2017, the brand  increased the number of its branded sales points to 600 and is targeting to reach more vehicle owners with innovative products and services.

Lassa Tyres identified accelerating marketing activities as a strategic target to strengthen its position in 2018, and is getting ready to introduce its new products at “The Tire Cologne” exhibition which will be running from  May 29th– June 1st. The exhibition is regarded as the meeting point of industry representatives and Lassa Tyres is getting ready to make its debut during the exhibition with its first all season passenger vehicle tyre Multiways, the new generation passenger vehicle winter tyre Snoways 4, and the new generation SUV performance tyre Competus H/P 2 with its renewed product features.

Lassa Tyres is Strengthening its Position in the Market with New Products

Lassa Tyres will showcase its first All Season tyre Multiways at The Tire Cologne exhibition, which is offering safe driving and durability hand in hand. The new product line will provide an efficient performance in all season conditions with its multi-season compound, new construction structure and winter pattern. The All Season market is growing at an increasing rate in Europe in the last couple of years, and Lassa Tyres is furthering its ambition in this segment with this new product.

Another product that will be showcased during the exhibition is the new generation SUV performance tyre Competus H/P 2, which offers a brand new driving experience to SUV drivers with advanced wet performance and increased wear life without compromising its dry performance. Lassa Tyres will address a wide vehicle group range of compact, mid-range and luxurious vehicles in the SUV segment from 16-inch to 21-inch rim sizes with the Competus H/P 2, which will be available in the market starting from the second half of the year.

Snoways 4, developed as a new generation winter tyre, shows a much superior performance in wet and snowy conditions with its new pattern and new compound. Snoways 4 provides a safe driving experience to drivers in harsh winter conditions due to the progress it has made in aquaplaning, and braking performance both in wet and snowy conditions. The sales of this new pattern will start with the 2018 winter season and the product range will grow with the addition of new sizes in 2019. Lassa Tyres will increase its product range in the passenger winter tyre segment up to 20-inch sizes with Snoways 4.


International Sales Targets are Increasing With the Second Manufacturing PlantBrisa International Markets and Original Equipment Chief Commercial Officer Halit Şensoy stated that the company will be targeting further growth with the start of the operations of the second manufacturing plant, which has an initial 300 million US Dollar investment value. Mr. Şensoy added, “We are continuing our investments in line with our strategy to grow in the international markets. We have achieved a growth performance that is higher than the market average with our Lassa Tyres brand in the shrinking European markets during 2017. We will continue to grow our ambitions further with our new generation products and with new sales points in the international markets in 2018. We are getting ready to increase our capacity with our second manufacturing plant, which is mostly completed, and based in the Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone, Turkey. We are aiming to gear up our targets in international sales with the new generation products that we will produce in our new smart manufacturing plant equipped with the most advanced technologies of the globe.