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Kumho Appointed as Standard Tyre Supplier for the Hyundai Staria

Hyundai has selected the Kumho PorTran KC53 as the standard tyre for its new Staria MPV.

The KC53 was primarily designed for European vans and LCVs, and it is an upgraded version of this pattern that is now supplied in two sizes – 215/65R17C 108/105H and 235/55R18 104H XL – for fitment to the Staria. The popular tyre is recognised for its high durability, low wear rate and notable handling performance, and is tailor-made for the climate and road conditions that prevail in Europe.

Hyundai’s new premium MPV is specifically aimed at the mainland and Korean markets. It boasts a futuristic exterior design and a roomy interior that can be readily adapted for a range of purposes from camping to general relaxation. Based on Hyundai’s futuristic mobility blueprint, known as ‘inside out’, the Staria extends the spatiality and openness of its interior design to the outside world, and is recognised for its user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing format.

Namhwa Cho, Executive Vice President of European Sales for Kumho Tire said: “The popularity of Hyundai’s Staria in Europe underscores our technological prowess. We will strive to further establish our position in the European market by expanding our product line-up and accommodating ever more vehicles.” 

Kumho has seen a rise in its European sales, thanks to the improved profitability of its high-inch premium products and a revamped sales network. In addition, it has built on its technological leadership to expand its sales base. By leveraging partnerships with such pre-eminent football clubs as Tottenham Hotspur and Bayer 04 Leverkusen, the tyre maker has also increased its brand recognition and strengthened its online and digital marketing activities.

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