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The Kings Road Tyres Group (KRTG) has returned to private ownership after reaching agreement to conclude its contractual arrangements with the Sailun Jinyu Group.

Sailun acquired KRTG in 2014 and worked closely with the group’s UK management to invest in and restructure its wholesale distribution business. Following the successful conclusion of that major project, a policy change in Sailun’s distribution strategy for the UK resulted in the amicable decision to allow KRTG to return to independent ownership and operation.

“Working with Sailun Jinyu for three years delivered many positive benefits to the group, including the complete restructuring of our wholesale division into a highly efficient modern tyre distribution business. We are grateful to colleagues who helped us achieve that and other goals but are now thrilled by the prospect of doing what we do best as an independent business,” says MD Adrian Bader.

Under Bader’s leadership, KRTG has secured investment and backing from London-based specialist finance house ReSolve and co-investor The Bayway Group. This will allow it to return as a highly competitive player in the UK tyre distribution and services sector. In addition to their financial investment, ReSolve’s expertise will provide professional advisory services and strategic guidance to Adrian and his management team.

Having reviewed its place and presence in the UK market, KRTG will continue to focus on wholesale distribution of specialist commercial, agricultural and industrial tyres, together with bespoke fleet tyre management services delivered by group company Tyre Business Solutions.