Introducing the Roadhound Sports Touring Tyre

Micheldever Tyre Services are now stocking Eurogrip’s latest evolutionary tyre, which will “improve grip in all conditions without sacrificing sporting performance”.

The Roadhound is designed for sports bikes, naked bikes, and crossovers of all engine capabilities, and is ideal for commuters and biking enthusiasts who regularly travel long distances.

With extra dynamism, comfort and durability, the new product easily performs on variable terrain and in different conditions. Whether it’s taking in sweeping bends on a mountain road, or creeping along a busy urban street, the Roadhound performs equally well on wet and dry surfaces.

The tyres were recently independently tested on a Honda NC750X and travelled 10,000km to Norway’s North Cape.  With Its rugged mountain passes and sparse rural areas, the tyres performed very well in often changeable weather conditions. The successful test highlighted some of the key new technical features which have made the Roadhound such an innovative tyre.

More impressively, the same set of tyres were then used on a separate journey to Greece, via the Balkans. Given the difficult terrain and conditions in Norway, the tyres remained in perfect condition with no reason to be replaced.

Moto Excape, who tested the Roadhound said: “In conclusion, the right word is “surprise”. The motorcycle’s dashboard shows almost 17.000 km, covered in about two and a half months with the Roadhound. Aside from durability, certainly a fundamental point of a sport touring tyre, these tyres have been appreciated for the safety they manage to convey, both on dry and wet surfaces, regardless of the external temperature, especially in more sporty driving. It is therefore the ideal tyre for sports touring, naked bikes and road crossovers.”

The increased safety features will help motorcyclists to maintain control through sharp curves or sudden braking, and an improved multilayer structure enables heavier loads (carrying an extra passenger) to be carried without reducing performance.

Finally, despite the different imperfections of road surfaces, the Roadhound’s structure and characteristics reduce the vibrations and shocks which a rider might experience in the saddle and handlebar. This only contributes to the quality of driving pleasure and improved concentration, once again highlighting the improved safety measures that the tyre brings.

The Roadhound is now available at MTS centres and depots across the UK, visit for any enquiries.