The Alliance 128 High Speed Flotation is a newly developed tyre for agricultural trailers, spreader trucks and balers. The innovative tread pattern combines shoulder lugs for high tractive force, centre-rib lugs for a smooth ride and low rolling resistance as well as rounded shoulders for efficient soil protection.

In order to meet the rising demands of modern agricultural machines and processes, development engineers at ATG collaborated with CLAAS in Bad Saulgau. They specifically looked at requirements to be met for efficiency, productivity, soil protection and service life of tyres. At the same time, ATG’s engineers went a long way to fully meet these requirements at lowest total cost of ownership for the end user.

On and off-the-road: The 128 HS delivers The 128 High Speed Flotation is available in size 800/35-22.5 LI 162B and equally suitable for high speed agricultural tasks and applications on and off-the-road. The centre-rib lugs ensure comfort and a quiet, smooth ride whilst offering excellent self-cleaning characteristics. The high load carrying capacity and the low inflation pressure of the 128 HS ensure that heavy loads can be carried with a high degree of soil protection on large loading wagons and trailers.

On equipment such as spreader trucks, drivers will also highly appreciate the comfortable, quiet and smooth ride with the 128 HS Flotation. In addition, the shoulder lugs of this tyre provide better grip, less slippage and thus high tractive force, whilst the centre-lugs ensure low rolling resistance both on and off-the-road, hence saving fuel and reducing operating costs.

New tread, special compounds, long service life Going from existing patterns with closed bar lugs to centre-rib lugs, ATG’s development engineers ensured that the tyre also offers excellent stability during high speed road transport with up to 65 kph. Special compounds and nylon fabrics make for a strong construction, high load carrying capacity and low wear at the same time. The innovative 128 High Speed Flotation is available for OEM and the independent aftermarket.